by Gucci Mane



Partying all over rap like Nas never happened, the mush-mouth favorite Gucci Mane and the appropriately titled V-Nasty combine forces on this odd collabo called Baytl, which is as ridiculous, messy, and crass as fans want it to be. Even tasteful outsiders must admit that the "drugs go in, party anthem comes out" formula is still working here for the hedonist messiah they call Gucci, with "It's Gucci Nickelodeon, you just a custodian/I never say never, so I might be cookin' dope again" being a good example of his nutball brilliance. Another example, "I took the bitch out for breakfast/But I gave her dick for lunch," along with all the purple syrup talk should let parents know he's a poor guidance counselor. V-Nasty, the Kreayshawn affiliate known for her abuse of the "N" word, is an even worse role model, but her whiny boasts and trashy girl power attitude offer an amusing contrast to her thuggish, brutish partner. "Every time I grab the mike I eat it up, Osama" is how she confusingly rolls, all while declaring that she'll smoke up all your weed, liberate the cough syrup from your medicine cabinet, and get in a catfight with any chick that looks at her wrong. When Gucci offers her a "you ain't my lady" set-up on "Let's Get Faded," she blabs about her crew, a blown opportunity representative of the non-chemistry throughout the album. Marquee value is probably why they were paired, but the Tracy Morgan-meets-Scarface track called "Food Plug" is one of Gucci's most deliciously odd moments, and V-Nasty just happens to be there. Zaytoven and Kori Anders provide the able party beats as Chuck D, Madlib, Mr. Lif, Mos Def, the Roots, and many other symbols of hip-hop excellence stay home, leaving it up to Slim Dunkin and Mr. Fab, who both offer their services to this loud and obnoxious ruckus.

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Release Date: 12/13/2011
Label: Warner Bros / Wea
UPC: 0093624953920
catalogNumber: 529036

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