Bayonets at Midnight: The Noah Cropper Story

Bayonets at Midnight: The Noah Cropper Story

by Michael Stafford


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The Hudson River Valley of New York played a pivotal role in determining the outcome of the Revolutionary War. Here, the Colonial Militia and Regulars stymied British attempts to control the waterway and sever New England from the rest of the colonies. Here, Patriots boycotted British tea and other goods, accepted the Declaration of Independence, created the state of New York, and kept a sharp eye and heavy hand on their Loyalist neighbors. Here along the mighty Hudson, Americans stood fast after their turning point battles at Saratoga and Fort Stony Point. Here the stage was set for General George Washington's ultimate victory at Yorktown.

Bayonets at Midnight is a story of how a young boy from Boston who grew up way too fast and became a hero for the cause of Liberty.

Noah Cropper's family were forced to leave Boston after the British shot and killed young Christopher Seider at a protest against King George III and his tyrannical rule over the American Colonies. The Cropper's thought that they would find sanctuary at a family farm in Watertown, a small village west of the city. But they were wrong.

After Noah's father was killed at Breed's Hill, he was determined to enter the fray and decided to join the Colonial Army. Eventually, Noah was assigned to serve under General "Mad Anthony" Wayne and contributed in the victory at Fort Stony Point. In the midnight battle, Noah was severely wounded and forced to leave the army.

When the time was right, General Wayne would call on Noah to participate in a secret mission. If Noah succeeds, the Patriots have a chance to defeat the British at Yorktown and achieve their goal. Liberty!

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