Around the World [Naxos]

Around the World [Naxos]



This Naxos release functions as a sort of classical music tour around the world aimed at the ears of children. Kicking off with the surging vistas of Aaron Copland's "Hoe Down," the album moves across seven continents and four oceans, encompassing classical pieces from China (Yin Chengzong's "Song of the Yellow River Boatman"), Russia ("Song of the Volga Boatman,"), Denmark (Edvard Grieg's "March of the Dwarves"), Nigeria (Samuel Akpabot's "Nigerian Dance -- Allegretto"), and Brazil (Roberto Baden-Powell's "It Had to be Love"). Although the diversity of each locale isn't necessarily represented in its individual piece here, Around the World does deserve credit for not simply focusing on European composers and calling it a day. In addition to its musical selections, the release features country
egion-themed activities to go along with each song. The set will be enlightening for children and broaden their musical horizons to include the classical form. But don't expect too much in the way of localized instrumentation or musical tradition -- Naxos built this set out of its extensive symphonic archives, making these pieces the focus.

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