Apollyon: The Destroyer Is Unleashed (Left Behind Series #5)

Apollyon: The Destroyer Is Unleashed (Left Behind Series #5)

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As the world's thousands of believers gather in Jerusalem for a stadium rally, the Tribulation Force struggles with their own personal crises. Newspaper reporter Buck Williams and his wife, Chloe, question whether or not they should have a child when the future of the world is so uncertain. Meanwhile, Rayford Steele discovers the shocking truth about his wife, Amanda.
Nicolae Carpathia continues his rise to power, forcing believers underground. But Nicolae isn't prepared for a plague of scorpion-like locusts tormenting his followers—with a pain so horrible that men try to kill themselves but aren't allowed to die.
A repackage of the fifth book in the New York Times best-selling Left Behind series.

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ISBN-13: 9781414341248
Publisher: Tyndale House Publishers
Publication date: 03/16/2011
Series: Left Behind Series , #5
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 114,799
File size: 954 KB

About the Author

A prominent pastor, Tim LaHaye (1926-2016) was a New York Times bestselling author of more than 70 books, many on biblical prophecy and end-times. He coauthored the record-shattering Left Behind series (with Jerry B. Jenkins) and is considered one of America’s foremost authorities on biblical end-times prophecy. LaHaye earned a Doctor of Ministry degree from Western Theological Seminary and a Doctor of Literature degree from Liberty University.

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Apollyon: The Destroyer is Unleashed (Left Behind Series #5) 4.4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 176 reviews.
ReneeAnn More than 1 year ago
Apollyon is the fifth book in the Left Behind Series and one of my favorites. This book begins with the ministry of the two witnesses, Eli and Moishe, who prophecy from the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. These men are described in Revelation 11: "And I will appoint my two witnesses, and they will prophesy for 1,260 days, clothed in sackcloth. They are the two olive trees and the two lampstands, and they stand before the Lord of the earth. If anyone tries to harm them, fire comes from their mouths and devours their enemies. This is how anyone who wants to harm them must die. They have power to shut up the heavens so that it will not rain during the time they are prophesying; and they have power to turn the waters into blood and to strike the earth with every kind of plague as often as they want." I so enjoyed having the plot play out against the backdrop of Israel as the characters get a firsthand view of the dramatic goings-on in the Holy City. In the following excerpt, Buck takes comfort from his interaction with the prophets . . . "Buck felt his knees weaken. He couldn't take his eyes off the witnesses . . . They seemed to know the people of God. Should he say anything? What does one say? . . . When he was close to them before, he had the wrought iron fence between them. Of course, nothing could protect anyone from beings like this who carried the firepower of God himself. Buck fell to his knees as they passed within ten feet of him, and he looked up as he heard them murmuring. Moishe said, 'The Lord of Hosts hath sworn, saying, Surely as I have thought, so shall it come to pass; and as I have purposed, so shall it stand.' At the words of God, Buck dropped his face into the grass and wept. God's very thoughts would come to pass, and His purposes would stand. No one could come against the anointed ones of God until God decided it was time." Being reminded of those words not only comforted Buck but also comforted me! The Bible says that at the root of all world events is a spiritual battle. "For we wrestle not against flesh and blood but against spiritual wickedness in high places." However, since God often works behind the scenes, players on the world stage are able to hide this pretty well. Only by living close to God and steeping myself in His Word am I able to catch a glimpse of the reality behind history's lies. I love how the Left Behind novels helped me envision a time when the Lord will step out from behind the curtain and take center stage. Maranatha! Come, Lord Jesus!
Louisa_May More than 1 year ago
The Left Behind books only get better and better. This is a series I *almost* said "every Christian" should read. Honestly everyone should read it, whether they're a Christian or not. The theme is powerful and the storyline is gripping. Apollyon begins, of course, where the last book left off. Ray is still trying to find out the truth about his 2nd wife, Amanda. What he finds out is not what it seems and will end up taking twists and turns to surprise you. As for the "apollyons"--they are sooo creepy! This is where the series gets very frightening and makes you hope with all your heart to avoid the tribulation when it really does come! Read this book, but read the others first. This is one series that needs to be read from book 1 to book last!
kristen4mk More than 1 year ago
Book number five in this exciting series....Apollyon is on a fast pace and things are really starting to happen. The Trib Force has now mobilized across the world and their reach is wide with the huge influx of believers from the Soul Harvest. Both Rayford and Buck cut all ties with the Global Community - their 'double' life is just getting too close; others take their place on the inside. We still have five years of the Tribulation to go before the Glorious Appearing; Chloe is pregnant; and Hattie Durham is also pregnant with Nicolae's baby, and still resisting the truth! The Two Witnesses (Eli & Moishe) are at the Wailing Wall where Nicolae argues with them; he has openly pronounced any believers to be directly opposed to the Global Community, but he will still attend the Great Meeting of the Witnesses in Jerusalem, led by Tsion Ben-Judah and attended by the 144,000 (and more). The next Trumpet Judgment (crazy details about those locusts....creepy) begins.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
These books are nothing but fight wing teabagger crap. Dont waste your time. Irecieved this as a gift and it is going in the trash- it isnt even worthy of Goodwill. This is a poor excuse for literature.
KitKatDoe More than 1 year ago
This fifth book in the best-selling Left Behind series takes readers along the Biblical timeline of Earth's demise. Those who have become Christians take on the treacherous journey to Jerusalem, as they prepare to fight for their lives and their newly found faith. Carpathia attempts to rise to the occasion to face off with the two witnesses at the Wailing Wall, all while the Trumpet Judgment seals of God open and wreak havoc on Earth's remaining vegetation. Rayford and Buck continue their quest to spread Earth's only news salvation available to mankind: the grace of God and Glorious Appearing of the Lord Jesus Christ. Many souls are lost as the ruler, the chief demon of the bottomless pit, Apollyon, unleash horsemen to kill many of the remaining population. Yet, the reader is given hope, as one of the main characters, Chloe, delivers a healthy baby at the end of the book, despite the world's circumstances and Earth's precarious condition. This was a book I reviewed for Tyndale House Publishers.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
"Apollyon" is book number five of the Left Behind Series. There is plenty of action and drama in this book. Ray learns the truth about his wife, Amanda, and cuts ties with the Global Community. Apollyon leads a plague of scorpion locusts that are frightening to the people. This is a series that you will want to read in the order that they were written.
mramos on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
This is the fifth book in the Left behind series. Some of the action, as usual, is not plausible. But we do have action in this book. And the authors still manage to make it a page-turner. So if you read the others...go ahead and read it. Rayford learns the truth about his wife. We have both Chaim Rosenzweig and Hattie come to believe the truth about what is required to be saved, but neither takes that necessary step. Chaim because of pride and Hattie because of hate. I found it hard to believe that a man of Chaim's intellect would allow pride to over ride everything he himself has seen and deduced from hard evidence. And Hattie, well they did a good job with her. She is so annoying I kept hoping she would be written out of the story. The meeting of the 144,000 takes place in Israel and the Anti-Christ attends, as does the prophets of God. The story line in Jerusalem is well written and you could not only visualize what was transpiring. And the authors did a great job of brining the two prophets to life. And their is very good narrative on the Trumpet Seals as they are unleashed on the earth. The only thing I would highly recommend is that you make sure to read this book in its proper sequence. It cannot stand on its own.
TexasTam on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
This like all the other "Left Behind" books were hard to put down once you started reading. Awesome.
ShortyBond on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
All of the Left Behind series is provacative, and real page turners. I would recommend these to anyone. I read them about once a year.
kymmayfield on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
The fifth book of this series was amazing! As the fourth judgment reigns terror down on those that were left behind in the rapture. Along with all the problems coming from the judgments they are also have personal problems. Some of those left behind travel to a huge rally of believers as the judgment begins. This story is a great perspective getter for believers and nonbelievers alike. I ate this book up in about 2 sittings.A must read for everyone! Got a rating of 5 out of 5 from me.
SonicQuack on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
The fifth chapter of the Left Behind series can be divided in to two halves in regards to the plot. The first, which centres around a conference and Nicolae's approach to it is lacking any real action until it wraps up, and although there are some character developing motions, it is largely redundant. The second half drives the story forwards in line with the expectations laid out in Christian literature. The writers ensure nothing can be predicted other than the general predictions and their artistic license is employed well in ramping up the action and creating plot twists. Overall, Apollyon is a standard and entertaining entry in the sequence, however it never delivers any real impact.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
As always these writers keep you on your toes. I read it in a day and couldn't put it down. It's a must buy (actually their whole series is).
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Great writing and story telling
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
That is a retorical question. I remember that.the books used to have a list of the book titles in order. However, with the new e-books, I have yet to see them specifically in order. Except in the first post here, which is posted after she/he already read.the book. This is a little late for the person trying to purchase them in order. JUST A THOUGHT FOR BARNS AND NOBLES POSTS. Just a hopeful thoughtfor future posts of books that are part of a series. (Exmple: Pearl S. Bucks' THE GOOD EARTH, SONS AND A HOUSE DIVIDED. :-)
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
YuYu8503 More than 1 year ago
So far, this one has been the least exciting. I was let down with the ending.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago