Another Monday Date

Another Monday Date

by Earl Hines



The splashy, influential piano giant was a style unto himself. Famous for his stabbing, "trumpetlike" lines when he recorded with Louis Armstrong in the '20s -- his ringing treble octave lines and unusual bass accents blasted out of the sometimes muddy sound -- he was as much the virtuoso showman as the trumpeter. Hines had a wide-ranging left hand and a thorough knowledge of classical piano technique; he was the bridge between the stride pianists he loved and the lean and elegant swing stylists he profoundly influenced. He had a singular career -- he led big bands (the last one included Charlie Parker, Dizzy Gillespie, and Sarah Vaughan), played in Armstrong's 1940s All-Stars, fell into undeserved neglect for a while, then barnstormed with his own swing-style band until his 1983 death. This CD combines two of his best '50s albums: a quartet tribute to Fats Waller, and a radiant, state-of-the-art solo date that showcases this compleat jazz pianist at his most intoxicating.

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