Angels Through the Ages

Angels Through the Ages

by James B. Platts


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A history of the higher angels.

The only author already in print discussing the history of higher angels appears to be Mother Alexandra, an Orthodox nun who wrote The Holy Angels. Angels Through The Ages also concentrates on those higher angels but briefly reviews those lower, less dramatic guardian angels.

After studying angel apparitions in the Old Testament, the Christian era presents a dramatic increase in angel activities. Joining the older traditional Michael and Gabriel, we are introduced, at the Transfiguration, to Moses and Elijah, those two giants of Judaism These latter have, somewhere in time, become new archangels. On that Mount Tabor, Jesus also acquires archangel status, when the mighty spirit of David, the third giant, completes exactly one thousand years of penance, and is transfigured into this carpenter from Nazareth. Mary, the Mother of Angels in the Roman Catholic tradition, receives archangel status upon her death. Also emerging in that first Christian century is Satan, the Fallen Archangel. A serious consideration of Satan is vital, because each one of us must overcome Satan's earthly temptations in order to reach the Promised Land.

Thereafter, Mary and Jesus appear in angel form over the Christian centuries—sometimes together, more often alone—in their attempt to bring peace to a troubled world.

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Table of Contents

List of Illustrationsix
Chapter 1Angel Time Clusters1
Chapter 2Apparitions of Angels Recorded in the Old Testament7
Chapter 3Angels in the Apocrypha21
Chapter 4Apparitions and Visions of Angels in the New Testament Prior to Revelation29
Chapter 5Angels at the Transfiguration--A New Cconcept41
Chapter 6Angels in the Vision to John--The Book of Revelation47
Chapter 7Angel Apparitions from Testament Times to 1800 C.E.59
Chapter 8Apparitions from 1800 C.E. to the Present73
Chapter 9Guardian Angels87
Chapter 10Jesus Talks About Angels91
Chapter 11The Role of Satan--Former Archangel99
Chapter 12Conclusion109
Notes to the Text113
Appendix ADefinitions of Angels115
Appendix BThe Celestial Hierarchy117
Appendix CHow Angels Look and Act119
Appendix DInformation on Archangels123
Appendix EOther Recommended Books on Angels125
Appendix FGuardian Angel Prayers127
Appendix GBiblical References to Angels131
Appendix HGlossary of End Times Definitions and Events135
Appendix IGlossary of Other Definitions139
Appendix JBetween the Testaments--The Apocrypha143
About the Author149

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