American Valor Revised: Cpl. Charles Leon Gilliland, MOH

American Valor Revised: Cpl. Charles Leon Gilliland, MOH

by John Allen Johnson


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The story you are about to read captured the imagination of the author in 1961 and has consumed many hours of his time since then.
It was April 25, 1951 The last man standing between the Republic of South Korea and the remnants of an Army of 500,000 Chinese Communists that day was a youthful, blond haired, blue eyed Seventeen Year Old Charles L. Gilliland, Private, called "Gunsmoke", later Corporal US Army, 2nd Platoon, I Company, 3rd Battalion, 7th Infantry Regiment, 3rd Division , near Tongmang Ni Village, Korea.
Ironic it is that Gilliland should have been on a plane headed back to his home after six months of uninterrupted combat that started at the Chosin Reservoir then to Pusan Perimeter to Seoul Korea to the Imjim River. Below are some of the accolades that his mother, the United States Congress, the President of the United States, Military Superiors and others have said about him: distinguished; conspicuous :gallant; outstanding; courageous; beyond duty; refused medical attention; ordered back; Cpl. Gilliland covered withdrawal and held the enemy at bay; heroic actions; indomitable; devoted to duty; incredible valor; supreme sacrifice; lasting glory.
If the above heroics was all there is to this youthful legend, that would be enough. But there is much more significant about Charles L Gilliland than fearless heroics. His relationships with his fox hole buddies, his mother and father and aunts and uncles, his brothers and sisters his classmates and life long friends, his education, and his personal religion all paint a heart warming story of how he became a legendary Medal of Honor Hero. Every reader will be astonished and inspired by the totality of the early years of Charles L Gilliland.
The author, John Allen Johnson was born in Arkansas and his early education was in a one-room school at Westline where he and many cousins and siblings learned to read and write. He attended school in DeQueen, Arkansas and Prineville, Oregon. John is proud of the military heritage of his family. His father, Murray California volunteered for duty in World War I and his only brother enlisted in the Marine Corps during World War II. Many, cousins, nephews, a grandson and other relatives have served and continue to serve in the military.
After the Korean War John attended Texarkana College in Texarkana, Texas. In 1957 he earned a B A Degree in History from Ouachita University, Arkadelphia, ,Arkansas. In 1959 he earned his MA Degree from the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, Arkansas. In 1997 he earned his Doctor of Philosophy Degree from Pacific Western University, Los Angeles, California. He completed a Level II Clear Special Education Credential at California State University, Sacramento, California. He taught in a Bay Area High Schools until he retired in 2006.
John now resides in Alameda, California, an island city in San Francisco Bay. He is completing his magnum opus which began with his first publication of a story in the Mac Dill Air Force Base News in 1951.
Get the book autographed at no extra costs by sending it to the author at 1155 Santa Clara Ave Apt A, Alameda, CA 94501.
John is the father of two daughters. He has five grandchildren. He and his companion Joan still enjoy travel on the back roads of America and they have now played more scrabble games than anyone in history. You can contact him online at
The reader may want to read a new book by this author. It is six versions of the Battle of the Imjin River April 22, 1951. All versions were written by participants in the battle including the Chlinese Communist Commanding General, General then Lieutenant Harles Mooney, Charles' Platoon Sgt. Bunn, I Company Clerk Sgt. John B. Meyers, and I Co Commander Capt. Wm. Wichard who initiated the award of Charles' MOH.

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