Alexander Hamilton: The First Horatio Alger

Alexander Hamilton: The First Horatio Alger

by Daniel Alef

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Biographical profile of Alexander Hamilton, one of the most interesting, paradoxical, and brilliant members of our Founding Fathers. Professor Carl Rubine of Columbia University called him "the first Horatio Alger . . . the original underdog who made it." It is hard to imagine anyone starting life with more disadvantages than he did or achieving such extraordinary success. Self-educated and possessing a superior intellect, Hamilton had a profound understanding of commerce, law, politics and international relations. Above all his communication skills, oral and written, were nonpareil. He not only established America's financial system, becoming his nation's first Secretary of the Treasury, he was responsible for penning a majority of the Federalist Papers, considered by most educators to be the finest writings on political discourse and governmental institutions in American history. It is quite likely that he also was the author of many if not most of George Washington's correspondence during the Revolutionary War. Loved and hated with equal passion, Hamilton had some glaring weaknesses and those failings produced his downfall and death at the hands of Aaron Burr. Fortunately for America, ratification of the Constitution and the creation of a strong federal government were his legacies. Award-winning author and syndicated columnist Daniel Alef, who has written more than 300 biographical profiles of America's greatest tycoons, brings out the story of Hamilton, his remarkable achievements and his ultimate tragedy. [1,399-word Titans of Fortune article]

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ISBN-13: 9781608041510
Publisher: Titans of Fortune Publishing
Publication date: 01/15/2009
Series: Titans of Fortune
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