Afterlife or Earthbound? the Choice Is Yours: This Is the most important choice you will ever Make

Afterlife or Earthbound? the Choice Is Yours: This Is the most important choice you will ever Make

by Michael Higgins


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We all die physically, but as this book demonstrates,we all survive spiritually:we return to the world of spirit from which we originated.Until recent centuries the normal change at death was for our spiritual selves to move into an Afterlife. However in recent times the minds of many,especially in Western cultures,have been conditioned to believe mistaken ideas about the Afterlife, or even its existence, by the dogmas of organised religion and orthodox science. The result of this has been that at death, especially if the latter has been of a sudden, violent nature, millions of people have been so shocked and bewildered by this unexpected spiritual awakening that they have been unable to accept the smooth natural transition to the bliss of the Afterlife, and have remained on Earth as Earthbound spirits, i.e.ghosts. There are other types of ghosts, but Earthbound spirits are now much the most numerous. They are unfortunate beings living in a kind of limbo that may last for centuries. Most cannot realise that they are dead!They cannot understand their inability to make contact with us. The last thing such ghosts want is to frighten us. They are not evil spirits, as some bigots maintain,who then attempt to exorcise them. We need to assure them first that they are dead,and then help them to attain the true Afterlife, to move towards the light.

Read this book and you can be certain that you will not have the misfortune to become an Earthbpound spirit. It will open your mind to the realities of spiritual life and material death, amd will, hopefully, convince you that the spread of true spirituality among individuals will do more to save this physical world from disaster than all the efforts of governments.

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