Aesop's Fables Re-Illustrated

Aesop's Fables Re-Illustrated

by John H. Boose


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Do you want to read a great classic illuminated with over 290 authentic illustrations? This book is the perfect mixture of Aesop's wisdom and 21st Century Dada. Here's what they're saying about Aesop's Fables Re-Illustrated:

"This is the best e-book I've ever read." - Abraham Lincoln.

"These illustrations look like I need a drink." - Rhoda Booke, Loose Change Quaarterly.

"Even the worst book has an end." - Ira Gurgitate, The Pittsburgh Drifter.

"If Boose isn't America's leading classics illustrator, I can see why." - Isabelle Ringing, The Illiterary Journal.

"So many pictures, so little art." - Amelia Barfup, The Hourly World News.

"Even worse than I expected, which is saying something." - Rhoda Mule, KRUD Radio.

"Boose is an unbelievable illustrator." - F. Stop Fitzgerald, Dept. of Fine Arts, Florida University.

" indescribably bad that I do not intend to waste anyone's time by describing it." - Segovia Carpet.

"This Dada book is truly a modern surreal experience." - Salvador Doily.

"This book made me physically ill, even worse than Boose's other illustrated classics." - Myra Mains.

"I'd rather be drinking." - Tyrone Shoelaces, The Daily Bungle.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781500900007
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 08/29/2014
Pages: 294
Product dimensions: 6.69(w) x 9.61(h) x 0.62(d)

About the Author


John Boose is currently a Fellow at the Constance Noring Institute for the Study of Illiterate Fiction, where his work on phrase de-idiomatization has made him the subject of numerous experiments. He and Molly Boose have co-authored over twenty miscellaneous books, many copies of which have survived the purges (search Amazon with the key words "Miscellany" and "Boose"). They were the first to suggest the use of weasel snot as a non-stick pan coating. While interns at 2M's Boris Scilley Yellow Sticky Lab they illuminated both upper and lower brain approaches to left field theory and were co-guest editors (with Rufus Leaking) of "Do Trousers Matter?" John and Molly enjoy sharpening crayons, dulling others' wits through the application of delicious cocktails, cooking up mischief, and advocating monkey wrenching as a tactic of last resort.

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