A Simple Soul

A Simple Soul

by Gustave Flaubert


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For half a century the housewives of Pont-l'Eveque had envied Madame Aubain her servant Felicite.

For a hundred francs a year, she cooked and did the housework, washed, ironed, mended, harnessed the horse, fattened the poultry, made the butter and remained faithful to her mistress-although the latter was by no means an agreeable person.

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ISBN-13: 9786057876331
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Publication date: 02/21/2019
Pages: 62
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About the Author

Gustave Flaubert (1821 - 1880) was a French novelist who is counted among the greatest Western novelists. He is known especially for his first published novel, Madame Bovary (1857), and for his scrupulous devotion to his art and style, best exemplified by his endless search for "le mot juste" ("the precise word").

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• Bouvard and Pécuchet (1881)
• Salammbô (1862)

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