A Prince on Paper (Reluctant Royals Series #3)

A Prince on Paper (Reluctant Royals Series #3)

by Alyssa Cole

Paperback(Mass Market Paperback)

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The Reluctant Royals series returns with a good girl searching for the life that’s not too big, and not too small, and the bad boy prince who might be just right for her…

Nya Jerami fled Thesolo for the glitz and glamour of NYC but discovered that her Prince Charming only exists in her virtual dating games. When Nya returns home for a royal wedding, she accidentally finds herself up close and personal—in bed—with the real-life celebrity prince who she loves to hate.

For Johan von Braustein, the red-headed step-prince of Liechtienbourg, acting as paparazzi bait is a ruse that protects his brother—the heir to the throne—and his own heart. When a royal referendum threatens his brother’s future, a fake engagement is the perfect way to keep the cameras on him.

Nya and Johan both have good reasons to avoid love, but as desires are laid bare behind palace doors, they must decide if their fake romance will lead to a happily-ever-after.

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ISBN-13: 9780062685582
Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers
Publication date: 04/30/2019
Series: Reluctant Royals Series , #3
Pages: 384
Sales rank: 80,277
Product dimensions: 4.10(w) x 6.60(h) x 1.20(d)

About the Author

Alyssa Cole is an award-winning author of historical, contemporary, and sci-fi romance. Her books have received critical acclaim from The New York Times, Library Journal, BuzzFeed, Kirkus, Booklist, Jezebel, Vulture, Book Riot, Entertainment Weekly, and various other outlets. When she’s not working, she can usually be found watching anime with her husband or wrangling their menagerie of animals.  

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A Prince on Paper (Reluctant Royals Series #3) 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 6 reviews.
gaele 4 months ago
It’s Nya’s story: best friend of Portia, cousin to the future Queen Naledi, and daughter of a man who tried to poison her cousin and grasp control (as well as embezzle) of the monarchy. Nya has always been told by her father that she is weak of constitution, simple minded and better when someone (mainly he) is controlling her every move. Now, after his deceptions have been revealed, she’s torn: torn between a father she loves and her innate duty to the man and her own desires for making her own path and possibly finding someone to love her for her. She tried to reinvent herself in New York while studying for her doctorate, but she found the city too much to handle, bringing forth all of her insecurities and worries, and finding that ‘dating’ wasn’t as fun in real life as it was on her various collection of games and apps. In fact, she’s been playing a dating app for a while and using the apps version of Johan as her ‘paramour’. Johan or the “Playboy Prince” is best friends with the Thabiso, the man to whom Nya’s cousin is engaged. He is not in the line of succession, but was raised by the King of Liechtienbourg, learning at the knee of his mother and protecting his younger brother after his mother’s death. Still reeling from that loss, and not willing to allow the press to go after his little brother Lucas, he’s prone to tabloid-worthy exploits that divert attention and allow Lucas to get along with growing up. But now there is a referendum that threatens the monarchy, Lucas is ‘acting out’, Biso is married and Johan feels like everything is just ‘meh’. It’s not been a good time – and finding Nya while he’s sleeping on the private jet, and his need to ‘protect’ himself by reducing her to tears just rankles. He’s upset someone who didn’t deserve it, someone he’s been intrigued with for a while. This was a lovely installment that fixed Nya and Johan firmly into the universe, with their friends and family popping in to distract or divert occasionally. When a fake engagement is proposed by Johan, Nya takes the offer: she wants adventure, sees a kind and caring man in Johan, and well – she’s not really had any experience of doing exactly what she wants. It’s not easy to fight against voicing her attraction to Johan while silencing the voices in her head that tell her ‘it’s fake’, but she’s not without her own strengths and steely center. When she’s able to act as an intermediary between Lucas’ angry words and actions to Johan’s shock and hurt, and then stand in front of her father and play his game right back at him, she’s growing – a hard set of steps, but necessary for her own mental health and survival. She’s determined to leave Johan with more than she arrived with, if only to have him see that love is necessary and scary – and to not love is to close off an integral part of yourself. Cole managed to use some geek-culture, plenty of emotion, a lovely fairy tale and plenty of heart to give us Nya and Johan in all their moments: steamy, sexy, angry, guarded and finally, loved up. Dive into this series and escape for a few hours – each character is distinct and defined, their connections and friendships are wonderful and there are plenty of places to laugh. I received an eArc copy of the title from the publisher via Edelweiss for purpose of honest review. I was not compensated for this review: all conclusions are my own responsibility.
Shelley Murray 3 months ago
She plays dating sims and he's obsessed with fairy tales - how am I not going to love this book?! A Prince on Paper is my absolute favorite in a series of amazing books. I feel like I've loved each subsequent book more than the last, and I loved this one so much it was physically painful (to my heart). I was so excited to finally get Nya's book. She's been an intriguing character to me every since A Princess in Theory, and then I loved her emerging and finding herself in bits and pieces (as seen via group text chats) in A Duke by Default. I don't always slate people into Hogwarts houses while I read, but every so often a character comes along and beats you over the head with how VERY MUCH the epitome of a Hufflepuff they are, and that is Nya. She has been so hurt, but despite that she goes on being honest and open and loving, and I JUST WANT TO HUG HER ALL UP. And then there's Johan, who's also been hurt and is fascinated by Nya because she is so open and honest, and free with her heart while he's locked himself away. He's so obsessed with fairy tales and doesn't seem to realize that he's made himself the princess locked away in a tower of his own making. This is the kind of book I want to throw at people's heads when they say romance novels are trash or guilty pleasures or shallow. There are SO MANY complicated issues and deep themes at play in this book, I can't even begin to touch on them all in a review let alone do them justice. I want to carry copies of this book around and when people make disparaging comments about romance I want to thrust a copy of A Prince on Paper into their hands and say "Shut your mouth, open your mind, read this book, and then we can talk about whether or not romance novels are shallow trash." In this book Alyssa Cole not only focuses on the romantic relationship between two people (which is fantastic, and their chemistry is BAM BOOM POW!), but also on the relationship between Johan and his step-father and half-sibling and how Johan deals with the death of his mother, Nya dealing with the fallout of the emotional and physical abuse the suffered at the hands of her father and finding her own way forward, a non-binary character struggling with how to let their family know about their identity (also, WTG Nya being super the most awesome best), focus on toxic and abusive relationships... Also, the sex scenes are hot and the romance between Nya and Johan is amazing - alternatingly adorable and butterflies-in-the-stomach inducing and heartbreaking, because there is nothing wrong with that and it's also a great element of romance. ;) This is the third book in the Reluctant Royals series, and while it can technically can be read as a stand alone, this series is really best if read in order. To get the full impact of Nya's story, you really do need to read the first book, A Princess in Theory, and there are MAJOR SPOILERS for book 1 in this book. I highly recommend you read this series in order - and don't miss the novella, book #2.5, Once Ghosted, Twice Shy! There's also a final novella coming out about Portia's sister Reggie, which looks like it will be the final book/novella in the series, Can't Escape Love, and if the series continues on trend it will somehow manage to be EVEN BETTER than all the books that have come before. ;)
Take_Me_AwayPH 5 months ago
In some ways this was one of my favorites in the series. In other ways I thought differently. But overall, this series is still one of my favorites and I LOVE that there is an own voices, Black Romance series that is SO AMAZING and so successful as this one! Nya left Thesolo to escape the limelight as fast as she could once her father did what he did. She wasn't sure there would ever be anyone for her, only the ones in her app. But then she has to return to Thesolo for a royal wedding and she finds that things aren't going in the way she thought it would. Johan is on the other end, where all eyes were always on him and his family. And with the referendum threatening their family, he needs something to make them see more of him and less of his family. The number one thing I loved about this was the characters and the romance they developed. It was adorable and I was ready for them to love each other from the first page they were together. I loved their chemistry and the problems they had to overcome to get together. I'm a sucker for Royal Romances lol And the fact that they didn't have anything really just "handed to them" since they were royals, it made it all the more better. I also loved them by themselves. Nya was hilarious with her "emoji" talk and Johan did everything he could to try and keep up his "bad boy" persona around her. It was really funny because the more they tried to stay away from each other, the more they fell for each other. I also really loved the rep in this one. Johan's sibling comes out as non-binary and I loved how supportive they were of them. It's shows a large part of how Nya is and how she showed Johan to be as accepting. (Not that he wasn't to before, for clarification.) It really made my love for the book more prominent. And of course we can't forget the interracial romance between the two. The rep throughout this entire book was so amazing. The only reason I couldn't give this 5 stars was the fact I listened to this via audio. Maybe I'm being nitpicky, but the production of this one wasn't great. It didn't seem like the others from this series. It seemed like I could hear everything from in the studio while they were recording. It wasn't like this with all the others, so maybe it was just the way I was listening to it? I tried it on different platforms and it was still there, so maybe it wasn't me? Idk. Whatever it was, it bothered me.This is definitely one where I should have read it and not listened. This is the last one in the series and I hate that I have to say good-bye to them. The epilogue had so many surprises that I want to explore more! I can only hope that Alyssa Cole has more with these characters in mind too. I love this series and I can't wait to see what else she has with her royals coming up next.
Lost-N-Love-N-Hopeless 9 months ago
misunderstood individual find solace in each other Overall 5 out of 5 stars Performance 4 out of 5 stars Story 4 out of 5 stars Nya has had my heart since the first time I meet her and the things she went through with her father. She needed to get out and be her. Then there was Johan. He was a character in all three of the novels and he lures you in with each new appearance. I knew when I meet him that I want his story, but just was not sure how that would take place. When these two come together or not, you find that they are more alike than you first guess. I loved that the two of them found a bit of common ground and a way to connect. I wanted more for the two of them. Being in each of their countries allowed for you to see more of them both. I loved that Nya finally found a place that she felt good with herself and her surroundings. Johan's vulnerabilities gave you more to fall in love with. Love my characters old, new, irritating, annoying, conniving, vulnerable, sensible, misunderstood, and more. I love the topic tackled with Johan's younger sibling. Nya understanding heart. Alyssa Cole did a fab job for me. There was a lot here for me to love and it was not just that I finally got a wedding but something extra special. Hope a follow-up to catch up with all the couples (all five of them). The narration was one I have been use to because of the other books of the series. I enjoy her the accents real rich and relateable.
eclecticbookwrm 10 months ago
Alyssa Cole is officially on the auto-buy list for me. I adored this series from the first book and they just keep getting better and better. I can't believe how much I loved this book. Nya was so relatable and empathetic to me from the first time we met her in "A Princess in Theory." She evolves so much and really comes to life in her own book. Her chemistry and relationship with Johan are great from page one. This book had me laughing out loud with hilarious jokes and wonderful dialogue.
Anonymous 10 months ago
A Prince On Paper follows Johan, the Playboy Prince of Liechtienbourg, who draws attention to himself in order to keep his brother out of the spotlight. It also follows Nya, the cousin of Ledi from A Princess in Theory, whose father that is currently in jail was emotionally abusive and kept her from living the life she always wanted. The two get drawn together and eventually enter into a fake engagement, and as you can imagine, the romance sparks from there. I really liked both main characters in this one! Johan is a playboy with a heart of gold. I loved how the two of them first met, and I wasn’t disappointed in the slightest at how their relationship progressed from there. I also appreciated how complex Nya was. She has a lot to work through after years of her father’s gaslighting, and it’s wonderful watching her develop into her own person and finding out exactly who she is, after being told how to exist for years. I also felt that the two characters worked really well together, helping the other grow, but also giving the other enough space to be their own person. While their relationship was hands down my favorite part of the book, I also really appreciated Johan’s family. I ADORED his relationship with his step-father, the king. I appreciated how it was actually a loving, caring relationship, even though the two were not bound by blood and no longer had Johan’s mother to connect them. I also liked Lukas, Johan’s brother, but not as much as I would have liked. I loved how much Johan cared for him, but I did feel like the lack of communication between the two brothers was dragged on for a bit longer than preferable. I also really wasn’t a fan of Nya’s grandmother and how much she belittled Nya. I know it was sort of addressed, but I wasn’t satisfied with how it was handled. While I’m happy that she spurred on the fake engagement, her overprotectiveness over Nya had me groaning and rolling my eyes. I also will admit that the plot of the referendum on whether or not the Liechtienbourg monarchy remained, lost my interest after a while. Especially as I began to figure some things out ahead of time. Despite the issues with the side characters and the plots, I really did enjoy this book for the romance it promised and it may very well be my favorite of the Reluctant Royals series! It was definitely worth the read! If you haven’t already started the series, I’d honestly recommend starting from the beginning, but just know that they get better as they go!