A Novice's Guide to Speaking in Public: 10 Steps to Help You Succeed in Your Next Presentation... Without Years of Training!

A Novice's Guide to Speaking in Public: 10 Steps to Help You Succeed in Your Next Presentation... Without Years of Training!

by Michael Lawrence Faulkner

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This book has one simple goal: to help you succeed in your next presentation or speech.


You don’t need decades of training to achieve this goal. You don’t need the eloquence of Lincoln or Churchill or Martin Luther King. You just need to learn and practice 10 simple rules…and we mean simple.


Michael Lawrence Faulkner helps you apply basic truths about human nature and nonverbal communication to get your audience on your side, and keep them there–from the moment you walk on stage to the moment you leave. You’ll learn how to prepare well, enter with confidence, own your space, and deliver a message that is clear and powerful.


Nervous?  Of course you are! Everyone is. But Faulkner shows how to make your fears serve you, not immobilize you.

Imagining the worst?  Everyone does. But, as Faulkner shows you, those disasters just won’t happen.

Made a mistake?  Everyone will. But you can move right past it, like it never happened.


Other public speaking books aim to make you brilliant…and they fail. This book aims to make you very good: better than most speakers. That’s a goal you can achieve–and with Faulkner’s help and a little practice, you will.


Practical, simple ways to

  • Keep your language simple
  • Make your fears work for you
  • Prepare a conversation, not a speech
  • Walk with purpose and confidence
  • Make and keep eye contact
  • Own your speaking and your space
  • Ignore your mistakes and keep going
  • Stop worrying about worst-case scenarios
  • Finish strong
  • Know when to ignore the rules

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ISBN-13: 9780134194622
Publisher: Pearson Education
Publication date: 10/05/2015
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 99998
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About the Author

Dr. Michael Lawrence Faulkner is the author or coauthor of 17 books. He is a professor at the Keller Graduate School of Management at DeVry University and a former U.S. Marine. Michael spent 30 years in a variety of leadership and executive management positions with Fortune 500 firms and major nonprofit trade associations. He also helped run the family business before beginning his second career in academics more than ten years ago. Michael is a Rotary International Fellow and a member of MENSA. He holds a Silver Certification by the Toastmasters International and has won the Keller Master Teacher Award and the Silver Apple Award by the NYC Direct Marketing Association. In addition to his Ph.D., Michael has earned two master’s degrees, one from NYU, and an MBA from NYIT.

Table of Contents

Introduction     1
Chapter 1     Step 1: Think about Your Language and Keep It Simple     5
Chapter 2     Step 2: The Fear of Public Speaking Is Real—Embrace It and Use It     35
Chapter 3     Step 3: Prepare Immediately and Prepare for a Conversation, Not a Speech     63
Chapter 4     Step 4: Walk with Purpose to the Podium; Smile, Pause, Then Smile, Smile, Smile     99
Chapter 5     Step 5: Make and Keep Eye Contact with the Audience     105
Chapter 6     Step 6: Take Control of Your Speaking Space and Your Speaking     109
Chapter 7     Step 7: You’ll Make Mistakes—Don’t Apologize, Just Keep Going     127
Chapter 8     Step 8: Don’t Worry—The Worst You Can Imagine Will Never Happen     135
Chapter 9     Step 9: The Last Thing You Do Is What Most People Will Remember—Do It Well     137
Chapter 10   Step 10: If Any of the First Nine Steps Seem Awkward, You Owe It to Yourself to Ignore Them     145
Index     147

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