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University of South Carolina Press
A Guide to the Wildflowers of South Carolina

A Guide to the Wildflowers of South Carolina

by Richard Dwight Porcher, Douglas Alan Rayner
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Admired by plant enthusiasts, botanists, and nature lovers of all ages, wildflowers comprise one of the most beloved—and diverse—groupings of flora in South Carolina. Although relatively small in size, the Palmetto State hosts a remarkable variety of wildflower species, from the trillium and bloodroot that brighten its forests to heliotrope and common toadflax that dot the state's roadsides and fields. With color photographs (all by Richard D. Porcher) and extensive descriptions of more than 680 species, A Guide to the Wildflowers of South Carolina offers a complete and indispensable reference for finding and appreciating these natural treasures.

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ISBN-13: 9781570034381
Publisher: University of South Carolina Press
Publication date: 02/03/2002
Pages: 544
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About the Author

Richard Dwight Porcher is a professor of biology and director of the herbarium at The Citadel in Charleston, South Carolina. An authority on the flora of South Carolina, he is the author of Wildflowers of the Carolina Lowcountry and Lower Pee Dee and a co-author of Lowcountry: The Natural Landscape. He was born in Berkeley County, South Carolina, and received his B.S. from the College of Charleston and Ph.D. from the University of South Carolina. Porcher trained under Dr. Wade T. Batson and serves on the South Carolina Heritage Trust Advisory Board and the Scientific Advisory Board of the South Carolina Nature Conservancy. Porcher lives in Mount Pleasant.

Table of Contents

List of Figuresxiii
Purpose and Scopexix
Physiographic Regions of South Carolinaxxi
Nature of the Floraxxiii
What are Wildflowers?xxiv
Conservation of Native Wildflowersxxv
Collecting Native Wildflowersxxvii
How to Use this Field Guidexxviii
Origins of Plant Namesxxxi
Notes on Wildflower Photographyxxxiv
Rarity of Vascular Plantsxxxv
Pronunciation Guide to Scientific Namesxxxvii
Natural History of Selected Groups of Vascular Plants1
Carnivorous Plants1
Native Orchids5
Poisonous Plants7
Woody Vines8
Epiphytic Vascular Plants10
Saprophytic Vascular Plants and Mycotrophy11
Parasitic Vascular Plants12
Medicinal Plants and Folk Remedies13
Edible Wild Plants17
Naturalized Plants19
History of Field Botany in South Carolina23
The Colonial Period: 1670-178524
The Antebellum Period: 1785-186026
The Civil War and the Postbellum Period: 1860-190031
1900-1952: the Beginning of Modern Field Botany33
1952-1983: the Wade Thomas Batson Era in South Carolina36
Field Botany Today in South Carolina38
Selected Topics on Natural History and Ecology39
Succession in Natural Communities39
Fire in the South Carolina Landscape41
Carolina Bays of the Coastal Plain43
Reproductive Strategies of Vascular Plants46
Economic and Cultural Notes50
Longleaf Pine and the Naval Stores Industry54
Agriculture and Forestry: Effects on South Carolina's Physical Landscape56
Marshes, Swamps, Peatlands, Bogs, and Fens65
South Carolina's Natural Wildflower Communities69
The Mountains69
The Granitic Dome Community69
Granitic Domes69
The Spray Cliffs Community70
Spray Cliffs70
The Seepage Communities71
Cataract Bogs71
Montane Bogs71
The Rocky Streamsides Community72
Rocky Streamsides72
The Deciduous Forest Communities73
Cove Forests73
Chestnut Oak Forests74
Woodland Margins75
Montane Oak-Hickory Forests76
The Evergreen Forest Communities76
Canada Hemlock Forests76
Pine-Oak Heaths77
The Piedmont78
The Granitic Flatrocks Community78
Granitic Flatrocks78
The Rocky Shoals Community79
Rocky Shoals79
The Deciduous Forest Communities80
Basic-Mesic Forests80
Beech Forests81
Oak-Hickory Forests82
Piedmont Xeric Hardpan Forests83
The Piedmont Springhead Seepage Forest Community84
Piedmont Springhead Seepage Forests84
The Bottomland Forest Communities85
Bottomland Forests85
The Fall-Line Sandhills86
The Xeric Communities86
Longleaf Pine-Scrub Oak Sandhills86
Longleaf Pine-Turkey Oak Sandhills87
The Sandhills Seepage Communities88
Streamhead Pocosins88
Herbaceous Seepages88
Atlantic White-Cedar Forests89
The Coastal Plain89
The Pine Communities89
Longleaf Pine Flatwoods89
Pine/Saw Palmetto Flatwoods90
Longleaf Pine Savannas91
Longleaf Pine-Turkey Oak Xeric Ridges92
The Sandy, Dry, Open Woodlands Community93
Sandy, Dry, Open Woodlands93
The Calcareous Forest Communities93
Calcareous Bluff Forests93
Wet, Flat, Calcareous Forests94
The Bottomland Forest Communities94
Bald Cypress-Tupelo Gum Swamp Forests95
Hardwood Bottom Forests95
Levee Forests96
The Peatland Community97
The Pond Cypress Communities98
Pond Cypress Savannas98
Pond Cypress-Swamp Gum Upland Swamps99
The Freshwater Marsh Communities99
Tidal Freshwater Marshes99
Inland Freshwater Marshes100
The Freshwater Floating Aquatics Community100
Freshwater Floating Aquatics100
The Depression Meadow Community101
Depression Meadows101
The Maritime Strand102
The Maritime Communities102
Coastal Beaches102
Coastal Dunes102
Maritime Forests103
Salt Marshes104
Salt Flats104
Maritime Shell Forests105
Species Descriptions and Color Plates107
The Mountains107
The Piedmont170
The Fall-Line Sandhills225
The Coastal Plain245
The Maritime Strand343
The Ruderal Communities365
Field Guide to Natural Plant Communities409
The Mountains409
Greenville County409
Caesar's Head State Park (Raven Cliff Falls Trail to Raven Cliff Falls Overlook)409
Eva Russell Chandler Heritage Preserve409
Watson Heritage Preserve (Mathews Creek Bog)410
Mountain Bridge Trails411
Table Rock State Park414
Oconee County416
Buzzard Roost Heritage Preserve416
Sumter National Forest: Andrew Pickens District417
Pickens County420
Foothills Trail (Laurel Valley-Laurel Fork Falls)420
Jocassee Gorges (Lower Eastatoe Creek Bluffs)422
The Piedmont422
Abbeville County422
Sumter National Forest: Long Cane-Edgefield Districts422
Aiken County424
Savannah River Bluffs Heritage Preserve424
Chester County425
Landsford Canal State Park425
Greenville County426
Bunched Arrowhead Heritage Preserve426
Lancaster County427
Flat Creek Heritage Preserve (Forty Acre Rock)427
Laurens County428
Sumter National Forest: Tyger and Enoree Districts428
McCormick County430
Stevens Creek Heritage Preserve430
Sumter National Forest: Long Cane-Edgefield Districts431
Pickens County432
Glassy Mountain Heritage Preserve432
Union County434
Sumter National Forest: Tyger and Enoree Districts434
York County435
Rock Hill Blackjacks Heritage Preserve435
The Fall-Line Sandhills436
Chesterfield County436
Cheraw State Park (Hudsonia Flats)436
Sandhills State Forest (Sugarloaf and Horseshoe Mountains)436
Carolina Sandhills National Wildlife Refuge437
Lexington County439
Peachtree Rock Nature Preserve439
Shealy's Pond Heritage Preserve439
The Coastal Plain440
Aiken County440
Aiken Gopher Tortoise Heritage Preserve440
Bamberg County441
Cathedral Bay Heritage Preserve441
Barnwell County442
Craig Pond442
Beaufort County442
Victoria Bluff Heritage Preserve442
Berkeley County443
Francis Marion National Forest443
Old Santee Canal Park444
Wadboo Creek Calcareous Bluff Forest445
Charleston County445
Francis Marion National Forest445
Santee Coastal Reserve446
Clarendon County447
Bennett's Bay447
Dillion County447
Little Pee Dee State Park447
Dorchester County448
Francis Beidler Forest448
Georgetown County448
Samworth Wildlife Management Area and Great Pee Dee River448
Hampton County449
Webb Wildlife Center449
Horry County449
Cartwheel Bay Heritage Preserve449
Lewis Ocean Bay Heritage Preserve450
Little Pee Dee River Heritage Preserve (Vaughan Tract)450
Jasper County451
Tillman Sand Ridge Heritage Preserve451
Kershaw County451
Savage Bay Heritage Preserve451
Lee County452
Longleaf Pine Heritage Preserve452
Orangeburg County452
Santee State Park452
Sumter County453
Woods Bay State Park453
The Maritime Strand453
Charleston County453
Accreted Beach at Sullivan's Island453
Beachwalker County Park454
Colleton County454
Edisto Beach State Park454
St. Helena Sound Heritage Preserve (Otter Island)454
Appendix 1South Carolina Herbariums471
Appendix 2Keys to Heartleafs, Rhododendrons, and Trilliums of South Carolina473
Appendix 3Illustrations of Plant Structures477
General References481
Literature Cited491
Index of Scientific Plant Names495
Index of Common Plant Names509
General Index531

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