8000 Awesome Things You Should Know

8000 Awesome Things You Should Know

by Miles Kelly Publishing


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This incredible book covers eight subjects and has 8,000 bulleted facts. Facts like these:

  • The “nose-prints” of gorillas are as distinctive as human fingerprints—no two are the same.
  • Bar-headed geese have been spotted flying near the top of Mount Everest, at almost 30,000 ft.
  • Basking sharks have huge livers that may weigh up to 4,000 lbs.
Now discover the other 7,997 amazing facts in 8000 Awesome Things You Should Know.

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ISBN-13: 9781435138162
Publisher: Sandy Creek
Publication date: 01/16/2012
Pages: 512
Sales rank: 108,207
Product dimensions: 8.86(w) x 8.52(h) x 1.34(d)
Age Range: 6 - 12 Years

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