300 Fantastic Facts - Animals

300 Fantastic Facts - Animals




300 Fantastic Facts Space is an incredible learning experience for kids aged 7-10. There are 300 fun animal facts for children and hundreds of animal pictures, including wild animal pictures and cartoons.

- Numbered facts help children to progress through the book and feel a sense of achievement.
- Fun activities help young learners put ideas into practice.
- Detailed photos and artwork take readers up close to each subject area of Information

Throughout 300 Fantastic Facts Animals, there are activity panels and quiz questions for kids to test their new knowledge and to challenge them to remember all the amazing facts they have read so far. 300 Fantastic Facts Animals is a complete guide to the animal kingdom for children.

Some fantastic facts that can be found inside include:
# the tiny mouse deer is only the size of a hare. Also known as the chevrotain, this little creature is only about 85 centimetres long and stands about 30 centimetres high at the shoulder.
# There are more than 950 different types of bat. They live in most parts of he world, but not in colder areas.
# Most whales are born tail first. If the baby emerged head first it could drown during the birth process.

Quiz questions and activities for kids from 300 Fantastic Facts Animals:
# Take a sheet of paper and trace as many predators from this book as you can find. Colour them in and put a big heading - PREDATORS - to make a predator poster.
# What does the red panda eat?
# Make your own food chain – draw a picture of a large carnivore such as a lion and tie it to a piece of string. Then draw a picture of an animal that the lion catches such as a zebra. Hang it from the picture of the lion, and so on.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781782097402
Publisher: Miles Kelly Publishing
Publication date: 12/01/2016
Series: 300 Fantastic Facts
Pages: 128
Product dimensions: 9.00(w) x 11.00(h) x (d)
Age Range: 7 - 11 Years

About the Author

Jinny Johnson has written and edited dozens of non-fiction titles for young children on subjects as diverse as birds, creepy-crawlies, endangered animals, the seasons and skeletons. Her lively, engaging narratives present information in an original and straightforward way and she has worked on titles such as Discover Science: Senses. Jinny lives in London, UK.
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Table of Contents

Animals - Your guide to the animal Kingdom
Mammal groups, Big and small, Speed machines, Swimmers and divers, Fliers and gliders, Life in snow and ice, Crearures of the night, Family life, Desert dwellers, On the prowl, Fighting back, Deep in the jungle, Strange foods, City creatures, Freshwater mammals, Plant-eaters, Digging deep, Mothers and babies.
The bird world, Big to tiny, Faster movers, Superb swimmers, Looking good, Night birds, Home sweet home, Great travellers, Desert birds, Staying safe, Amazing eggs, Hunters and scavengers, Caring for the young, Birds of the jungle, Flightless birds, On the river, Finding food, Winter birds, Special beaks.
Scales and slime, Sun worshippers, Cooler customers, Water babies, Land babies, Little and large,
Adaptable animals, Natural show-offs, Sensitive creatures, Feeling hungry, Fliers and leapers, Slitherers and crawlers, Fast and slow, Champion swimmers, Nature's tanks, Dangerous enemies, Clever mimics, Escape artists, Maga reptiles, Reptiles in danger.

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