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Title: A Brief Encounter, Author: Catherine George
Title: Brief Encounter at the Picture House by the Sea: Part One, Author: Holly Hepburn
Title: Thick as Thieves (Brief Encounters), Author: Cyan Tayse
Title: Brief Encounter (The Intimate Details, #1), Author: Ruby Fox
Title: Brief Encounter, Author: Jayelle Wye
Title: Brief Encounter, Author: Helen Mittermeyer
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Title: Brief Encounter, Author: S. G Nicole
Title: Brief Encounter, Author: Marshall Stearn
Title: Brief Encounter, Author: Limey Lady
Title: Brief Encounter 252, Author: Aimee Duvall
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Title: Brief Encounters In The Other World, Author: Kent Rosenberger
Title: Brief Encounters, Author: Edna Taylor
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Title: Brief Encounters, Author: HarperCollins Publishers
Title: Brief Encounters, Author: Geraint Ellis
Title: Brief Encounters with the Enemy, Author: Saïd Sayrafiezadeh
Title: Brief Encounters, Author: Suzanne Forster
Title: A Brief Encounter: A Love...Maybe Valentine eShort, Author: Julia Williams
Title: Brief Encounters with the Headless Woman of Lydia Mill: True Ghost Encounters and Strange Happenings, Author: Donnie W. Cooper
Title: Brief Encounters with my Third Eye: Selected Poems, Author: Bruce Boston
Title: Red Bracelet Club: Tricia & Zack (Brief Encounters, #3), Author: Ava Adler

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