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Title: The Hawkeye, Author: Hillsborough Community College
Title: The News & Observer, Author: The McClatchy Company
Title: The ISU Bengal, Author: Idaho State University
Title: The Lakeland College Mirror, Author: Lakeland College
Title: The Outlook, Author: Monmouth University
Title: The Lance, Author: University of Windsor
Title: The Pacifican, Author: University of the Pacific
Title: UTVS 6 Television, Author: St Cloud State University
Title: The Daily Aztec, Author: San Diego State University
Title: The Butler Collegian, Author: Butler University
Title: The Holcad, Author: Westminster College
Title: The Baltimore Sun, Author: Tribune Company
Title: The Columbus Dispatch, Author: Dispatch Printing Company
Title: The Maroon, Author: Loyola University-New Orleans
Title: The Falcon Times, Author: Miami-Dade Community College-North Campus
Title: The Prospector, Author: Yuba College
Title: The Beacon, Author: Wilkes University
Title: The Lakefront, Author: Our Lady of the Lake University
Title: Et Cetera, Author: Eastfield College
Title: Ka Lee O Hawaii, Author: University of Hawaii-Manoa

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