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Title: Benjamin Lincoln And The American Revolution, Author: David B Mattern
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Title: Understanding Katherine Anne Porter, Author: Darlene Harbour Unrue
Title: Racism in U. S. Imperialism: The Influence of Racial Assumptions on American Foreign Policy, 1893-1946, Author: Rubin F. Weston
Title: International Relations and the Future of Ocean Space, Author: Robert G. Wirsing
Title: Understanding Theodore Roethke, Author: Walter B. Kalaiidjian
Title: From the Green Horseshoe: Poems by James Dickey's Students, Author: James Dickey
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Title: Neo-Classical Criticism, 1660-1800, Author: Irene Simon
Title: Barefoot in Arcadia: Memories of a More Innocent Era, Author: Louis B. Wright
Title: Selected Poems, Author: Ennis Rees
Title: The Tragic Sense of Political Life, Author: Michael A. Weinstein
Title: Early Eighteenth Century Poetry, Author: James Sutherland
Title: Networking Neighborhoods, Author: Erik Van Hove
Title: White Servitude in Colonial South Carolina, Author: Warren B. Smith
Title: Literary Ballad, Author: Anne Henry Ehrenpreis
Title: Genera of the Eastern Plants, Author: Wade T. Batson
Title: Stories of a Life Afield:
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Title: A Guide to the Genera of the Plants of Eastern North America, Author: Wade T. Batson
Title: History of South Carolina, Eighteen Sixty-Five to Nineteen Sixty, Author: Ernest M. Lander
Title: Women Enter the Wilderness: Male Bonding and the American Novel of the 1980s, Author: Donald J. Greiner
Title: Royal South Carolina, 1719-1763, Author: Bradley D. Bargar

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