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Title: Race, Class, and the Post-Apartheid Democratic State, Author: Ben Fine
Title: Albert Luthuli: Bound by Faith, Author: Scott Couper
Title: William Wellington Gqoba: Xhosa Histories and Poetry (1873-1888), Author: Jeff Opland
Title: Bird Atlas of Botswana, Author: Huw Penry
Title: Nobody Will Ever Kill Me, Author: Mbu Maloni
Title: Rough Music: Selected Poems 1989-2013, Author: Ari Sitas
Title: British Settlers in Natal 1824-1857: A Biographical Register: Volume 8 Haigh-Hogshaw, Author: Shelagh O'Byrne Spencer
Title: Journal William Clayton, Author: University Of KwaZulu-Natal Press
Title: Class in Soweto, Author: Peter Alexander
Title: The World Bank: Development, Poverty, Hegemony, Author: David Moore
Title: Protest Nation: The Right to Protest in South Africa, Author: Jane Duncan
Title: South Africans, Author: University Of KwaZulu-Natal Press
Title: African Responses to HIV/AIDS: Between Speech and Action, Author: Segun Ige
Title: Handsome Jita: Selected Poems, Author: Vonani Bila
Title: Jan Smuts and the Indian Question, Author: Vineet Thakur
Title: Peace Agreements and Durable Peace in Africa, Author: Grace Maina
Title: Xhosa Poets and Poetry: (Second Edition, Updated and Revised), Author: Jeff Opland
Title: South African Poets on Poetry, Author: Robert Berold
Title: Asifunde isiZulu, Author: Anne Shimwell
Title: All the Days, Author: Robert Berold

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