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Title: The Boxer, Author: Jim Sheridan
Title: Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid, Author: Carl Reiner
Title: The War, Author: Jon Avnet
Title: American Pie, Author: Paul Weitz
Title: Adam Sandler: Happy Gilmore, Billy Madison and Bulletproof, Author: Universal Studios Home Video
Title: Amistad, Author: Steven Spielberg
Title: The Shadow, Author: Russell Mulcahy
Title: Metroland, Author: Philip Saville
Title: The Birds, Author: Alfred Hitchcock
Title: EDtv, Author: Ron Howard
Title: Backdraft, Author: Ron Howard
Title: Sneakers, Author: Phil Alden Robinson
Title: Casino, Author: Martin Scorsese
Title: The Love Letter, Author: Universal Studios Home Video
Title: Marnie, Author: Alfred Hitchcock
Title: The Front Page, Author: Billy Wilder
Title: Happy Gilmore, Author: Dennis Dugan
Title: Cape Fear, Author: Martin Scorsese
Title: Fletch (Fletch Series #1), Author: Gregory Mcdonald
Title: Far and Away, Author: Ron Howard

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