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Title: The Bridge, Author: Jane Higgins
Title: An Infidel in Paradise, Author: S.J. Laidlaw
Title: The Voice inside My Head, Author: S.J. Laidlaw
Title: Silent in an Evil Time: The Brave War of Edith Cavell, Author: Jack Batten
Title: Studio: A Place for Art to Start, Author: Emily Arrow Pre-Order Now
Title: Lucy Crisp and the Vanishing House, Author: Janet Hill Pre-Order Now
Title: Spirits, Fairies, and Merpeople: Native Stories of Other Worlds, Author: C.J. Taylor
Title: Grease Town, Author: Ann Towell
Title: Death of a King, Author: Andrew H. Vanderwal
Title: Oscar Peterson: The Man and His Jazz, Author: Jack Batten
Title: Miss Mousie's Blind Date, Author: Tim Beiser
Title: The Man Who Ran Faster Than Everyone: The Story of Tom Longboat, Author: Jack Batten
Title: Finn the half-Great, Author: Theo Caldwell
Title: Touched by Fire, Author: Irene N. Watts
Title: From Then to Now: A Short History of the World, Author: Christopher Moore
Title: Escape from Berlin, Author: Irene N. Watts
Title: Champlain, Author: Christopher Moore
Title: Rescuing the Children: The Story of the Kindertransport, Author: Deborah Hodge
Title: Heartache and Other Natural Shocks, Author: Glenda Leznoff
Title: Tapestry of Hope: Holocaust Writing for Young People, Author: Lillian Boraks-Nemetz

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