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Title: Chairmen Joint Chiefs of Staff's Leadership Using the Joint Strategic Planning System in the 1990s: Recommendations for Strategic Leaders, Author: Strategic Studies Institute
Title: Kuwaiti National Security and the U. S. -Kuwaiti Strategic Relationship after Saddam, Author: W. Andrew Terrill
Title: Soldiers in Cities: Military Operations on Urban Terrain, Author: Michael C. Desch
Title: Strategic Effects of the Conflict in Iraq: South Asia, Author: Strategic Studies Institute
Title: Regional Spillover Effects of the Iraq War, Author: W. Andrew Terrill
Title: Refining American Strategy in Africa, Author: Steven Metz
Title: Neither War nor Not War: Army Command in Europe During the Time of Peace Operations: Tasks Confronting Commanders, 1994-2000, Author: Richard M. Swain
Title: Making Riflemen from Mud: Restoring the Army's Culture of Irregular Warfare, Author: James D. Campbell
Title: Nonstate Actors in Colombia: Threat and Response, Author: Strategic Studies Institute
Title: Getting Ready for a Nuclear-Ready Iran, Author: Henry D. Sokolski
Title: A History of Socio-Cultural Intelligence and Research under the Occupation of Japan, Author: Michael B. Meyer
Title: Population Diversity and the U. S. Army, Author: Lloyd J. Matthews
Title: Endgame for the West in Afghanistan?: Explaining the Decline in Support for the War in Afghanistan in the US, Great Britain, Canada, Australia, France, and Germany, Author: Charles A. Miller
Title: People's Liberation Army after Next, Author: Susan M. Puska
Title: From Defending Forward to a Global Defense-in-Depth: Globalization and Homeland Security, Author: Strategic Studies Institute
Title: North Korea's Strategic Intentions, Author: Andrew Scobell
Title: Regional Threats and Security Strategy: The Troubling Case of Today's Middle East, Author: James A. Russell
Title: Nationalism, Sectarianism, and the Future of the U. S. Presence in Post-Saddam Iraq, Author: W. Andrew Terrill
Title: U. S. Military Engagement with Transcaucasia and Central Asia, Author: Stephen J. Blank
Title: Checking Iran's Nuclear Ambitions, Author: Henry D. Sokolski

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