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Title: The Righteous Rogue, Author: Martha Kirkland
Title: New Signet Book of Wine, Author: Alexis Bespalaoff
Title: Siege of Hearts, Author: June Calvin
Title: Reprisal, Author: Mitchell Smith
Title: The Veil of Night, Author: Lydia Joyce
Title: Unholy Child, Author: Catherine Breslin
Title: Second Watch, Author: Lowen Clausen
Title: The Moon Lord, Author: Terri Lynn Wilhelm
Title: High Country Horror (Trailsman Series #256), Author: Jon Sharpe
Title: Guide to U. S. Coins, Prices and Value Trends 1999, Author: William T. Gibbs
Title: Night Wolf, Author: Cassie Edwards
Title: The Timber Terror (Trailsman Series #209), Author: Jon Sharpe
Title: The Rake's Mistake, Author: Gail Eastwood
Title: Nabob's Daughter, Author: Dawn Lindsey
Title: The Artful Heir, Author: Martha Kirkland
Title: The Sea-Wolf and Selected Stories, Author: Jack London
Title: Hero's Stand, Author: Charles G. West
Title: Lord Harry's Daughter, Author: Evelyn Richardson
Title: Blood Money, Author: Ralph Cotton
Title: California Crusader (Trailsman Series #221), Author: Jon Sharpe

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