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Title: Time Zero, Author: Carolyn Cohagan
Title: I Like You Like This: A Novel, Author: Heather Cumiskey
Title: Fourteen: A Daughter's Memoir of Adventure, Sailing, and Survival, Author: Leslie Johansen Nack
Title: School Tales: A Novel, Author: Sharon Myrick
Title: Who Are You, Trudy Herman?: A Novel, Author: B.E. Beck
Title: The Lucidity Project: A Novel, Author: Abbey Campbell Cook
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Title: Keep Her: A Novel, Author: Leora Krygier
Title: Bridge of the Gods: The Silver Mountain Series, Book One, Author: Diane Rios
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Title: Shrug: A Novel, Author: Lisa Braver Moss Pre-Order Now
Title: I Love You Like That: A Novel, Author: Heather Cumiskey Pre-Order Now