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Title: The Uncensored Truth about UFOs, Author: Edward J. Ruppelt
Title: Among Comanches: The First-Hand Account of a Frontier Backwoodsman-- Illustrated, Author: C. F. Lascelles Wraxall
Title: Only the Very Best Vintage Sci-Fi Pulp, Author: Evelyn Smith
Title: Proof of Ezekiels ETs Extreme UFOs of the Bible, Author: Arthur Horton
Title: Treasure Trove of the Best Vintage Sci-Fi Pulp: 1941 to 1962, Author: Mack Reynolds
Title: 6 Vintage Sci-Fi Masterpieces That Matter, Author: Robert Shea
Title: Weirdest Vintage Sci-Fi & Horror Tales, Author: Jim Harmon
Title: 8 Freaky Sci-Fi/Fantasy Tales, Author: Fritz Leiber
Title: Mars Confidential & Other Sci-Fi Pulp Masterpieces, Author: Lester Del Rey
Title: Harnessing the Powers of the Unseen World, Author: William Walker Atkinson
Title: Earth Dreaming On Such A Deep-Space Day: 7 Lost Sci-Fi Masterpieces, Author: Leigh Brackett
Title: Mind Power: Mastering the Principles of Remote Viewing, Astral Projection, Telepathy and More, Author: William Walker Atkinson
Title: Poul Anderson Reader: Great Masters of Vintage Sci-Fi, Author: Poul Anderson
Title: Lost In A Time Warp: 9-Pack of Vintage Sci-Fi Circa 1928 to 1962, Author: Jack London
Title: Lost Vintage Pulp Sci-Fi and Terror Tales 1939 - 1954, Author: Richard S. Shaver
Title: 10 Extreme Vintage Sci/Fy Tales to Die For, Author: Philip K. Dick
Title: 19-Bonus Pack of Vintage Sci-Fi and Fantasy Tales, Author: Frank Robinson
Title: 10 Lost Pulp Sci-Fi Masterpieces, Author: F.L. Wallace
Title: 10 Lost Vintage Sci-Fi Masterpieces for Hardcore Fans Only!, Author: Arthur Savage
Title: Best of The Sci-Fi Vintage Pulp: 1952 Short Stories by Asimov and Holden, Author: Isaac Asimov

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