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Title: The Challenge of Being Single, Author: Marie Edwards
Title: Your Bird Is Here, Author: Phyllis Anderson Wood
Title: Let's Have Healthy Children, Author: Adelle Davis
Title: Lord of Ravensley, Author: Constance Heaven
Title: Valley of the Screaming Statues, Author: Don L. Wulffson
Title: The Gift, Author: John Prater
Title: Someone Special Died, Author: Joan Singleton Prestine
Title: Beware My Heart, Author: Glenna Finley
Title: Electricity, Author: Penguin Books Staff
Title: Manitou's Daughter, Author: Paul J. Lederer
Title: Flashman's Lady, Author: George MacDonald Fraser
Title: Seashells, Author: Penguin Books Staff
Title: Unholy Child, Author: Catherine Breslin
Title: The Complete Handbook of Pro Football 1978, Author: Zander Hollander
Title: World's Weirdest Cults, Author: Martin Ebon
Title: Bayou Bride, Author: Maxine Patrick
Title: Automobiles, Author: Daniel Ward
Title: Queen Jezebel, Author: Jean Plaidy
Title: Pere Goriot, Author: Honore de Balzac

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