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Title: Edwin Arlington Robinson, Author: Yvor Winters
Title: The Supermale, Author: Alfred Jarry
Title: This in Which, Author: George Oppen
Title: Tongues of Fallen Angels: Conversations with Jorge Luis Borges (and Others), Author: Selden Rodman
Title: New Directions in Prose and Poetry 20, Author: James Laughlin
Title: Living Space: Poems of the Dutch
Title: Doubleheader, Hurrah for Anything, Poemscapes and a Letter to God, Author: Kenneth Patchen
Title: Hello: A Journal, February 29-May 3, 1976, Author: Robert Creeley
Title: Vienna Blood and Other Poems (New Directions Paperbook Series #498), Author: Jerome Rothenberg
Title: The Falling Sickness: A Book of Plays, Author: Russell Edson
Title: But Even So, Author: Kenneth Patchen
Title: Livingdying, Author: Cid Corman
Title: Mirror for the Moon, Author: Saigyo
Title: Domestic Particulars: A Family Chronicle, Author: Frederick Busch
Title: Selected Letters Poems, Author: Pierre Reverdy
Title: Arrival, Author: Robert Nichols
Title: Minds Meet, Author: Walter Abish
Title: Once Again: Concrete Poetry, Author: Jean-Francois Bory
Title: The Wisdom of the Spanish Mystics, Author: Stephen Clissold
Title: A Seneca Journal, Author: Jerome Rothenberg

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