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Title: Cancer in the Young, Author: Levine
Title: Ingles Medico, Author: Mandelbro
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Title: Reflux Nephropathy, Author: C. John Hodson
Title: Treatment of Cancer Chemotherapy Induced Nausea and Vomiting, Author: Don S. Poster
Title: Atlas of Electroencephalography in the Child, Author: Paul Laget
Title: Uncommon Malignant Tumors, Author: John Antoniades
Title: Diccionario Medico, Author: EDITORS
Title: Minimal Brain Dysfunction, Author: Eric Denhoff
Title: Advances in Hepatitis Research, Author: Francis V. Chisari
Title: Tumor Associated Markers: The Importance of Identification in Clinical Medicine, Author: P. Wolf
Title: The LH-Releasing Hormone, Author: Carl Beling
Title: Tumors and Proliferations of Adipose Tissue: A Clinicopathologic Approach, Author: Philip W. Allen
Title: Pain Control: Practical Aspects of Patient Care, Author: Lester C. Mark
Title: Highly Selective Vagotomy, Author: Louis F. Hollender
Title: Biological Bases and Clinical Implications of Tumor Radioresistance, Author: Gilbert Fletcher
Title: Restorative Techniques for Individual Teeth, Author: Lloyd Baum
Title: Pineal Tumors, Author: Henry H. Schmidek
Title: A Pediatrician's Guide to Child Behavior Problems, Author: Ester Cava
Title: Male Reproductive System: Fine Structure Analysis by Scanning and Transmission Electron Microscopy, Author: Robert Yates
Title: Clinical Enzymology, Author: John C. Griffiths

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