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Title: Mary and O'Neil, Author: Justin Cronin
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Title: How Far She Went, Author: Mary Hood
Title: Frankenstein o el moderno Prometeo, Author: Mary Shelley
Title: Chicana/o Remix: Art and Errata Since the Sixties, Author: Karen Mary Davalos
Title: One D.O.A., One On The Way: A Novel, Author: Mary Robison
Title: Mary Lavelle, Author: Kate O'Brien
Title: The Light Makers, Author: Mary O'Donnell
Title: Virgin and the Boy, Author: Mary O'Donnell
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Title: The Catch Colt: A Folk Tale of the Western Plains with Music, Author: Mary O'Hara
Title: John Davidson, Author: Mary O'Connor
Title: Before the House Burns, Author: Mary O'Donoghue
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Title: Courtly Love Songs of Medieval France, Author: Mary O'Neill
Title: Modern Romance, Author: Mary O'Brien
Title: Gender Roles, Literary Authority, and Three American Women Writers: Anne Dudley Bradstreet, Mercy Otis Warren, Margaret Fuller Ossoli, Author: Theresa Freda Nicolay
Title: Updike and the Patriachal Dilemma: Masculinity in the Rabbit Novels, Author: Mary O'Connell
Title: Recipe for a Book Club: A Monthly Guide for Hosting Your Own Reading Group, Author: Mary O'Hare
Title: Misterio y maneras: Prosa ocasional, escogida y editada por Sally y Robert Fitzgerald, Author: Mary Flannery O'Connor
Title: The Love of Impermanent Things: A Threshold Ecology, Author: Mary Rose O'Reilley
Title: Dictionary of Literary Biography: Vol. 321 Chinese Fiction Writers 1900 to 1949, Author: Mary Anne O'Neil
Title: Virtual Gender: Fantasies of Subjectivity and Embodiment, Author: Mary Ann O'Farrell

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