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Title: The Light in the Forest, Author: Conrad Richter
Title: A Book of Nonsense, Author: Edward Lear
Title: Cinderella, Author: C. S. Evans
Title: Potato Talk, Author: Ennis Rees
Title: Safe Motorboating for Kids, Author: John Gabriel Navarra
Title: Football's Greatest Coach, Vince Lombardi, Author: Gene Schoor
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Title: Storybook Cookbook, Author: Carol MacGregor
Title: Me and My Sister Clara, Author: Dimiter Inkiow
Title: The Golden Mean, Author: Charles F. Linn
Title: Fables, Author: Jean de La Fontaine
Title: Walter the Lazy Mouse, Author: Marjorie Flack
Title: The Final Mystery, Author: Stanley Klein
Title: Amazing Facts about Our Ear, Author: Gyles Brandreth
Title: Whirling Rainbows, Author: Susan Terris
Title: How to Eat a Poem and Other Morsels: A Collection of Food Poems for Children, Author: Rose H. Agree
Title: Manhattan Is Missing, Author: E. Wallace Hildick
Title: A la Ferme - At the Farm, Author: Alex Rider
Title: Food Chains and Ecosystems: Ecology for Young Experimenters, Author: George I. Schwartz
Title: Potterymaking, Author: Virginie Fowler Elbert
Title: The Careless Animal, Author: Ada Graham

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