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Title: A Day No Pigs Would Die, Author: Robert Newton Peck
Title: Preacher's Boy, Author: Katherine Paterson
Title: No Easy Answers: Short Stories about Teenagers Making Tough Choices, Author: Donald R. Gallo
Title: Al Capone Does My Shirts (Tales from Alcatraz Series #1), Author: Gennifer Choldenko
Title: Over the Wall, Author: John H. Ritter
Title: Deliver Us from Normal, Author: Kate Klise
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Title: Thunder Cave, Author: Roland Smith
Title: Armageddon Summer, Author: Jane Yolen
Title: Satellite Down, Author: Rob Thomas
Title: Wrestling Sturbridge, Author: Rich Wallace
Title: Kokopelli's Flute, Author: Will Hobbs
Title: Ironman, Author: Chris Crutcher
Title: Shots on Goal, Author: Rich Wallace
Title: The Cup of the World, Author: John Dickinson
Title: The Perks of Being a Wallflower, Author: Stephen Chbosky
Title: The Black Pearl, Author: Scott O'Dell
Title: The Hostage, Author: Theodore Taylor
Title: What Do Fish Have to Do with Anything?: And Other Stories, Author: Avi
Title: Tribute to Another Dead Rock Star, Author: Randy Powell
Title: The Foxman, Author: Gary Paulsen