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Title: New Kid, Author: Jerry Craft
Title: Harper Counts Her Blessings, Author: Kristi Guillory Reid
Title: Baby Boy, What Will You Be?, Author: Terquoia Bourne
Title: The Zero Degree Zombie Zone, Author: Patrik Henry Bass
Title: The Offenders: Saving the world, while serving detention!, Author: Jerry Craft
Title: I didn't do it! It wasn't me!, Author: Phyllis Semien
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Title: Mama's Boyz: In Living Color!, Author: Jerry Craft
Title: Looking to the Clouds for Daddy, Author: Margo Candelario
Title: A is for Anacostia, Author: Courtney Davis
Title: Danica Dramatica: Queen Me!, Author: Lori Nelson Lee
Title: Mama's Boyz: What You Need to Succeed!: the Big Picture: the Big Picture, Author: Jerry Craft
Title: S Is for South Side: The Alphabet Visits Chicago, Author: Courtney Davis
Title: Mama's Boyz: As American as Sweet Potato Pie, Author: Jerry Craft
Title: Just Because, Author: Chiquita Camille Payne
Title: Shauna, Author: B. K. Fulton
Title: Our White Boy (Sport in the American West Series), Author: Jerry Craft
Title: Mama's Boyz: Because Learning Shouldn't Stop at 3 O'Clock!: Home Schoolin', Author: Jerry Craft
Title: Pitching for the Stars: My Seasons Across the Color Line, Author: Jerry Craft
Title: Who Would Have Thunk It!: The First Adventures of the Fraser Foster Kids, Author: Jerry Craft
Title: What's Below Your Tummy Tum?: Empowering kids to have a voice in their own safety!, Author: Michelle R. Britto

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