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Title: The Conquest of America, Author: Cleveland Moffett
Title: Red Alert, Author: Peter Bryant
Title: The Last American, Author: J.A. Mitchell
Title: And then the Town took off, Author: Richard Wilson
Title: One in Three Hundred, Author: J.T. McIntosh
Title: All aboard for the Moon, Author: Harold M. Sherman
Title: Planet of Dread and other Stories, Author: Murray Leinster
Title: The Best of Planet Stories, Author: Edwin L. Graber
Title: An Earth Gone Mad, Author: Roger Dee
Title: A Man Called Destiny, Author: Lan Wright
Title: Mistress of the Djinn and other Stories, Author: Geoff St. Reynard
Title: The Earth Gods are Coming, Author: Kenneth Bulmer
Title: Lord, I've Felt like a Worm for so Long, It's Hard to Think like a Butterfly!, Author: Joan Wilson
Title: Coma Life: Touch Me, Talk to Me, I'm Here, Author: Richard Darling