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Title: Practical Hypnosis: Learn Hypnosis to Influence People, Improve Your Health, and Achieve Your Goals, Author: Instafo
Title: The Handy-Dandy Home Repair Guide: Common Household Problems You Can Fix Yourself, Author: Instafo
Title: Worldly Traveler: Your Guide to Traveling Around the World 24/7/365 by Yourself (with Little to No Money!), Author: Instafo
Title: Faster, Better Decision-Making: How to Make Good Decisions Quickly in Your Daily Life, Author: Instafo
Title: Debt Elimination and Wealth Creation for Beginners: The Easy Way to Get Out of Debt and Build Wealth from Nothing, Author: Instafo
Title: Retirement Savings and Investing for Beginners: The Easy Way to Save and Invest for Early Retirement and Financial Freedom, No Matter Your Age, Author: Instafo
Title: Game of Mind Manipulation: How to Outsmart a Manipulator and Handle the Different Types of Manipulative Mind Games, Author: Instafo
Title: Easier, Smarter Problem Solving: How to Come Up with Simple Solutions to Any Problem in Life, Author: Instafo
Title: Think Better Analytically: Ways to Build Up Everyday Analytical Thinking, Author: Instafo
Title: Better Hearing: How to Improve Hearing without a Hearing Aid and Treat Tinnitus Naturally, Author: Instafo
Title: Get Taller Now!: Increase Your Height and Make Yourself Taller at Any Age, Author: Instafo

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