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Title: Maoist Laughter, Author: Ping Zhu Pre-Order Now
Title: Change in Use of Land: A Practical Guide to Development in Hong Kong, Third Edition, Author: Wai Chung Lawrence Lai
Title: The Australian Pursuit of Japanese War Criminals, 1943-1957: From Foe to Friend, Author: Dean Aszkielowicz
Title: A Special Standing in the World: A History of the Faculty of Law at The University of Hong Kong, Author: Christopher Munn Pre-Order Now
Title: Chinese-English Contrastive Grammar: An Introduction, Author: C. S. David Li
Title: Translation, Biopolitics, Colonial Difference, Author: Naoki Sakai
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Title: Hong Kong's Housing Policy: A Case Study in Social Justice, Author: Betty Yung
Title: Tharlo: Short Story and Film Script by Pema Tseden, Author: Pema Tseden
Title: Building Materials and Technology in Hong Kong, Author: Wah Sang Wong
Title: Classic Furniture: Craftsmanship, Trade Organisations and Cross-Cultural Influences in East and West, Author: Florian Knothe
Title: Critical Zone 2: A Forum of Chinese and Western Knowledge, Author: Q. S. Tong
Title: Ink Dances in Limbo: Gao Xingjian's Writing as Cultural Translation, Author: Jessica Yeung
Title: Smart Green Resilient, Author: Wilfred Lau
Title: University of Hong Kong: An Informal History (2 vols), Author: Bernard Mellor
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Title: Paths of Justice, Author: M. M. Johannes Chan
Title: Remade in Hollywood: The Global Chinese Presence in Transnational Cinemas, Author: Kenneth Chan
Title: Professional Practices of Human Resource Management in Hong Kong: Linking HRM to Organizational Success, Author: Anna Po-Yung Tsui
Title: Rising Above: The Kinsey African American Art and History Collection, Author: Elena Cheung
Title: A Lifetime in Academia: An Autobiography by Rayson Huang., Author: Rayson Huang
Title: Eileen Chang: Romancing Languages, Cultures and Genres, Author: Kam Louie

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