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Title: The Bulwark of Christendom: the Turkish Sieges of Vienna 1529 & 1683-The Sieges of Vienna by the Turks by Karl August Schimmer & The Great Siege of Vienna,1683 by Henry Elliot Malden with an extract from The Life of King John Sobieski by Count John Sobies, Author: Karl August Schimmer
Title: Magna Carta Commemoration Essays: With a Preface by the RT. HON. Viscount Bryce, Author: Henry Elliot Malden
Title: Vienna 1683, Author: Henry Elliot Malden
Title: Salus Vienna tua: The great siege of 1683, Author: Henry Elliot Malden
Title: John Muir: Protecting and Preserving the Environment, Author: Henry Elliot
Title: Harriet Beecher Stowe: The Voice of Humanity in White America, Author: Henry Elliot
Title: Report of a Tour of Inspection of European Lighthouse Establishments, Author: George Henry Elliot
Title: Frederick Douglass: From Slavery to Statesman, Author: Henry Elliot
Title: English Records, Author: Henry Elliot Malden
Title: Treatise on Glaucoma, Author: Robert Henry Elliot
Title: The Victoria history of the county of Surrey, Author: Henry Elliot Malden