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Title: The Jungle Marathon: Ultra Endurance Running in the Heart of the Amazon, Author: Mark Hines
Title: The Yukon Arctic Ultra: Ultra Marathon Adventure Racing Across Canadas Frozen North, Author: Mark Hines
Title: Things Your Parents Never Told You: succeed in big business, Author: Jerry Parrick
Title: Beyond Animal, Ego And Time, Author: Jerry Parrick
Title: Our Natural Diet: Optimal Nutrition for Health, Looks and Life, Author: Mark Hines
Title: Seven Road Blocks To Love, Author: Maxine Parrick
Title: Alien Experiences: 25 Cases of Close Encounter, Author: Barbara Lamb
Title: No Dogs or Indians, Author: Lisa Hare
Title: Human Evolution, Diet and Health: The Case for Palaeolithic Nutrition, Author: Mark Hines
Title: A New Man, Author: Hoise Birks
Title: Beyond Animal, Ego and Time: The Human Odyssey, Author: Jerry Parrick