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Title: Defender Of The Union, Author: Craig R. Smith
Title: Harry Emerson Fosdick: Persuasive Preacher, Author: Halford R. Ryan
Title: Eugene Talmadge: Rhetoric and Response, Author: Calvin Logue
Title: Search For Self-Sovereignty, Author: Beth M. Waggenspack
Title: Henry Ward Beecher: Peripatetic Preacher, Author: Halford R. Ryan
Title: Richard Nixon: Rhetorical Strategist, Author: Hal W. Bochin
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Title: Edward Everett, Author: Ronald Reid
Title: Patrick Henry, The Orator, Author: David Mccants
Title: Theodore Roosevelt and the Rhetoric of Militant Decency, Author: Robert V. Friedenberg
Title: Anna Howard Shaw, Author: Wil Linkugel
Title: William Jennings Bryan, Author: Donald K. Springen
Title: Clarence Darrow, Author: Richard J. Jensen
Title: Ronald Reagan, Author: David Henry
Title: Robert M. La Follette, Sr.: The Voice of Conscience, Author: Carl R. Burgchardt
Title: Do Everything Reform, Author: Richard Leeman
Title: Abraham Lincoln The Orator, Author: Lois J. Einhorn
Title: Harry S. Truman, Author: Halford R. Ryan
Title: Mark Twain, Author: Marlene B. Vallin
Title: Dwight D. Eisenhower, Author: Martin Jay Medhurst
Title: Delightful Conviction: Jonathan Edwards and the Rhetoric of Conversion, Author: John C. Adams
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