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Title: The Museum of Broadcast Communication, Author: Horace Newcomb
Title: Encyclopedia of Television, Author: Horace Newcomb
Title: Literature of Travel and Exploration: An Encyclopedia, Author: Jennifer Speake
Title: Encyclopedia of Criminology, Author: Richard A. Wright
Title: Dictionary of Environmentally Important Chemicals, Author: David C. Ayres
Title: Encyclopedia of the Romantic ERA, Author: Chris Murray
Title: Encyclopedia of African History, Author: Kevin Shillington
Title: The Museum of Broadcast Communications Encyclopedia of Radio, Author: Christopher H. Sterling
Title: Fitzroy Dearborn Directory of Venture Capital Funds, Author: A. David Silver
Title: Encyclopedia of 20th-Century Architecture, Author: R. Stephen Sennott
Title: Encyclopedia of 20th Century Sculpture, Author: Antonia Bostrvm
Title: Dictionary of Literary Pseudonyms in the English Language, Author: T.J. J. Carty
Title: Third World Handbook / Edition 2, Author: Guy Arnold
Title: Dictionary of Childhood Health Problems, Author: Patricia Gilbert
Title: Encyclopedia of Linguistics, Author: Philipp Strazny
Title: Encyclopedia of 20th-Century Technology, Author: Colin Hempstead
Title: Dictionary of Multimedia, Author: Francis Gavin
Title: The Encyclopedia of Sculpture, Author: Antonia Boström
Title: Information Specialist's Guide to Searching and Researching on the Internet and the World Wide Web, Author: Ernest C. Ackermann
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Title: Reader's Guide to British History, Author: D. M. Loades

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