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Title: Your Hope by the Grace of God, Author: Chenia Mia Flint
Title: Hovering at 1,000 Feet, Author: Phyllis R. Thompson
Title: The Schall Family in America, Author: Janice Grace Fulton Amorosino
Title: Weeping Willow Hill, Author: Rose Marie
Title: In My Opinion: JonBenet Ramsey, the Travesty of Innocence Revisited, Author: John Walker
Title: The Woman Who Walked Alone, Author: Christine Wilson
Title: The Soulmate Prophecy, Author: Yasmina Haque
Title: White Rock, Author: David E. Salton
Title: Battle Line, Author: Edward A. Trisler
Title: Sojourn in a Dreadful Land (Yemen Chronicles), Author: Hatem El-Khalidi
Title: Talking Back to the Bible: A Historian's Approach to Bible Study, Author: Edward G. Simmons
Title: Dark Dynasty Thy Cursed Family Legacy, Author: Bernadette Carington
Title: Resilience, Author: Ms. Carol Grace Gee
Title: In a Split Second, Author: Catherine Rosch
Title: Going Through, Author: Faye Thompson
Title: The Ripple Effect, Author: Robin Anderson
Title: I Remember Stalingrad, Author: Dr. Hans Welzel
Title: Embarking on An Intimate Journey with the Holy Spirit to Satisfy Your Hunger for More of God and to Discover the Knowledge of the Power of Prayer, Author: Pastor Frankie Dean-Deliu
Title: Ode to the Saint of Jackson, Author: Donald Lee Barnes
Title: Phase I:

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