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Title: Frisky: A Cat's True Life Story, Author: Jane Sinclair
Title: How God Delivered Me from What the Doctor Diagnosed as Depression, Author: Sonia Rowe
Title: Poems with No Glass Shield in Twenty-fifteen, Author: Jemel Williams
Title: Overcoming Survival Mode, Author: Anna Rosa R. Alonzo
Title: Your Hope by the Grace of God, Author: Chenia Mia Flint
Title: Weeping Willow Hill, Author: Rose Marie
Title: The Woman Who Walked Alone, Author: Christine Wilson
Title: Resilience, Author: Ms. Carol Grace Gee
Title: The Ripple Effect, Author: Robin Anderson
Title: I Remember Stalingrad, Author: Dr. Hans Welzel
Title: The Last Granny: Journal of an Alzheimer's Daughter, Author: Claudia Jokinen
Title: Poems for Alex, Author: John Gordon
Title: Philosophy, Author: Rahmel Garner
Title: Dakota Dream, Author: Anne Corbin
Title: There Is Hope in the Darkness, Author: Tami Lee Lacey
Title: The Magic of Mookie, Author: Connie Zakowski
Title: A Boy Named Sasha: An International Adoption Story, Author: D.R. Now
Title: Thy Will Be Done: Three Principles for Godly Living, Author: Nicholas Fuerst
Title: Rap Poet Society, Author: Charlene McClearn
Title: Destined to Live, Born for Adversities, Author: Mary Sam

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