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Title: Jackie, Author: Betty Hodges
Title: Early on the River Road, I Saw Mr. Crawfish, Author: Debra J. Morris
Title: Susie & Sasha's Winter Festival, Author: Allison Ames
Title: Benny Finds a Home: Book 1, Author: Louise Bramich
Title: The Lonely Penguin, Author: David C. Lee
Title: Maynard the Teddy Bear, Author: Ms. Tanya Bex
Title: Alphonso and the Apple Orchard, Author: Lois Goins
Title: Paprika and the Best Tasting Birthday Cookies, Author: Denise H. Parker
Title: King Pen Bill on Seal Pen Island, Author: Lawrence Fredrick Williams Sr.
Title: The Booners, Author: Michael W. Brewer
Title: Little Skippy, Author: Sonnie White
Title: Katie's Secret, Author: Bridgette Bannick
Title: A Day with My Aunt, Author: Marguerite Trupiano
Title: Hilda, Author: Dr. (Ph.D) Louis Hanic
Title: Resourceful Erica, Author: Annette Gagliardi
Title: Turtle Is Back in the Race!, Author: Fran Ghadimi
Title: Sarah's Most Perfect Day, Author: Lady Kathryn T. Krohn
Title: Mama Blue, Author: Jane Coco Cowles
Title: Greenford the Frog and the Statue Bird, Author: Allyson Folmar
Title: Grampy Tiger, Author: Mamzell A. Dorodor

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