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Title: Fifth Column, Author: Eric Cordray
Title: A Stranger on Ghost Beach, Author: Michelle Tangen
Title: Disenchanted: A young man's story of Vietnam and his journey home, Author: Lane James
Title: Life in Double Time, Author: Eric Cordray
Title: Surviving an Alcoholic Marriage and Living to Tell About It, Author: Susan Merrifield
Title: True Tales of the Tide: An Angler's Lifelong Quest, Author: Mike Halperin
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Title: Mystery of the Asteroid Belt, Author: S.A.M. Safaa A. Mhawi
Title: The Story Teller, Author: Mark Summerville
Title: Life Goes On, Author: Nisreen Hamadeh
Title: The Decision of a Loving Son, Author: Adeline Marie Howell
Title: Blood Feud, Author: Daniel Harris
Title: Sound of Mercy: A Paramedic's Story, Author: Louis C. Farah
Title: The Boys of Vietnam, Author: Marvin Groce
Title: Game Wardens, Author: Kyle A. Voris
Title: Let That One Who Is Without Sin Cast the First Stone: Who Is My Neighbor?, Author: Larry Host
Title: Collection of Work: The Years, Author: Everett Scolley
Title: Death Also Tangos, Author: Margaret Oberhausen Ryan
Title: Miles of Memories, Author: Brenda Starks Miles
Title: The Long Road: Experiencing Life Before, During, and After the Vietnam War, Author: Walter J. Dexter
Title: Time Wars, Author: Randall Miller

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