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Title: Hemophilia, Author: Jeri Freedman
Title: Crohn's Disease, Author: Toney Allman
Title: Acne, Author: Eve Bunting
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Title: What You Can Do About Stress and Anxiety, Author: Jennifer Way
Title: Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, Author: Peggy J. Parks
Title: Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, Author: Gail B. Stewart
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Title: Parkinson's Disease, Author: Lizabeth Craig
Title: Alopecia Areata, Author: Janey Levy
Title: The Dangers of Sexually Transmitted Diseases, Author: Christine Honders
Title: Depression, Author: Wendy Moragne
Title: Epilepsy, Author: Mary E. Williams
Title: Skin Cancer, Author: Carrie Fredericks
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Title: Dementia, Author: Therese Shea
Title: Down Syndrome, Author: Christina M. Girod
Title: Acne, Author: Gale Group
Title: Food Poisoning and Foodborne Diseases, Author: Elaine Landau
Title: Mood Disorders, Author: Lizabeth Peak
Title: Autism, Author: Carrie Fredericks
Title: Autism Spectrum Disorders, Author: Ana Maria Rodriguez
Title: Alzheimer's Disease, Author: Linda Jacobs-Altman

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