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Title: Fo Plays: 1: Mistero Buffo, Accidental Death of an Anarchist, Trumpets and Raspberries, The Virtuous Burglar, and One Was Nude and One Wore Tails, Author: Dario Fo
Title: Russell Plays: 1: Breezeblock Park; Our Day Out; Stags and Hens; Educating Rita, Author: Willy Russell
Title: Arden & D'arcy Plays 1, Author: John Arden
Title: Katori Hall Plays One: Hoodoo Love; Saturday Night/Sunday Morning; The Mountaintop; Hurt Village, Author: Katori Hall
Title: Fo Plays: 2: Can't Pay? Won't Pay!, Elizabeth, The Open Couple, and An Ordinary Day, Author: Dario Fo
Title: Barnes Plays: 3: Clap Hands, Heaven's Blessings, Revolutionary Witness, Author: Peter Barnes
Title: Bond Plays: 5: The Bundle; Human Cannon; Jackets; In the Company of Men, Author: Edward Bond
Title: Frontline Drama 6, Author: David Bradby
Title: Elton Plays: 1: Gasping; Silly Cow; Popcorn, Author: Ben Elton
Title: McDonagh Plays: 1: The Beauty Queen of Leenane; A Skull in Connemara; The Lonesome West, Author: Martin McDonagh
Title: McDowall Plays: 1: Brilliant Adventures; Captain Amazing; Talk Show; Pomona, Author: Alistair McDowall
Title: Sherman Plays: 2: Onassis; Passing By; The Miser, Author: Martin Sherman
Title: Jean Genet, Author: David Bradby
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Title: Mark Ravenhill Plays: 2: Mother Clap's Molly House; The Cut; Citizenship; Pool (no water); Product, Author: Mark Ravenhill
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Title: Stephens Plays: 2: One Minute; Country Music; Motortown; Pornography; Sea Wall, Author: Simon Stephens
Title: Parker Plays: 2: Northern Star; Heavenly Bodies; Pentecost, Author: Stewart Parker
Title: Cameron Plays: 1: Can't Stand Up for Falling Down; Pond Life; The Mortal Ash; All of You Mine, Author: Richard Cameron
Title: Cartwright Plays 1: Road; Bed; Two; The Rise and Fall of Little Voice, Author: Jim Cartwright
Title: Bond Plays: 2: Lear; The Sea; Narrow Road to the Deep North; Black Mass; Passion, Author: Edward Bond
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Title: Neilson Plays: 2: Edward Gant's Amazing Feats of Loneliness!; The Lying Kind; The Wonderful World of Dissocia; Realism, Author: Anthony Neilson

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