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Title: Ideas and Politics of Chilean Independence, 1808-1833, Author: Simon Collier
Title: Church Wealth in Mexico: A Study of the 'Juzgado de Capellanias' in the Archbishopric of Mexico, 1800-1856, Author: Michael P. Costeloe
Title: Mexican Revolution 1910-1914: The Diplomacy of the Anglo-American Conflict, Author: Calvert
Title: Britain and the Onset of Modernization in Brazil, 1850-1914, Author: Richard Graham
Title: Parties and Politcal Change in Bolivia, 1880-1952, Author: Herbert S. Klein
Title: Economic Development of Latin America: Historical Background and Contemporary Problems / Edition 2, Author: Celso Furtado
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Title: An Economic History of Colombia, 1845-1930, Author: William Paul McGreevey
Title: Alienation of Church Wealth in Mexico: Social and Economic Aspects of the Liberal Revolution 1856-1875, Author: Jan Bazant
Title: Politics and Trade in Mexico, 1750-1821, Author: Brian R. Hamnett
Title: Bolivia: Land, Location and Politics since 1825, Author: J. Valerie Fifer
Title: Marriage, Class and Colour in Nineteenth Century Cuba: A Study of Racial Attitudes and Sexual Values in a Slave Society, Author: Verena Martinez-Alier
Title: Politics Economics and Society in Argentina in the Revolutionary Period, Author: Tulio  Halperin-Donghi
Title: Politics in Argentina, 1890-1930: The Rise and Fall of Radicalism, Author: David Rock
Title: Studies in the Colonial History of Spanish America, Author: Mario Gongora
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Title: Chilean Rural Society: From the Spanish Conquest to 1930, Author: Arnold J. Bauer
Title: Land and Labour in Latin America: Essays on the Development of Agrarian Capitalism in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries, Author: Kenneth Duncan
Title: A History of the Bolivian Labour Movement, 1848-1971, Author: Guillermo Lora
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Title: Coronelismo: The Municipality and Representative Government in Brazil, Author: Victor Nunes Leal
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Title: Merchants of Buenos Aires, 1778-1810: Family and Commerce, Author: Susan Migden Socolow
Title: Foreign Immigrants in Early Bourbon Mexico, 1700-1760, Author: Charles F. Nunn

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