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Title: Good Omens: Belas maldições, Author: Neil Gaiman
Title: Fantasia mortal, Author: J. D. Robb
Title: Fraternity Experiences Part 2, Author: Bertrand Malibu
Title: Prometheus Astray, Author: Tommy Bertrand
Title: Arrebatado pelo mar - Saga da gratidão - vol. 1, Author: Nora Roberts
Title: Botswana Governance and Political History, Author: Vincent Lawal
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Title: Humour, Wit and Funneeeeee Ideas - A Kind of Humour for Those with Some Grey Matter (with Caricatures Drawn by the Author's Funneeeeee, Shaky Right Hand), Author: JOE
Title: Gabon Democracy, In question, Political History, Author: Ibrim Maklele
Title: Democratic Republic of Congo Political History. and Governance, Author: Martins Udenga
Title: Moruroa, French Polynesia, French Nuclear Testing Zone: The History, and Environmental Information, Author: Kim Holmes
Title: O colecionador, Author: Nora Roberts
Title: The Gecko Princess, Author: Kai Bertrand
Title: Nauru History, Culture and Tourism: People, Tradition, Lifestyle and Environment, Author: Bruce Macintyre
Title: God Minus Religion, Author: Bertrand Jean
Title: Perto o bastante para tocar, Author: Colleen Oakley
Title: O arquiteto de Paris, Author: Charles Belfoure
Title: Military Men, Author: Bertrand Malibu
Title: www.twitter.com/carpinejar, Author: Fabrício Carpinejar
Title: Fontevraud: Mysteries of the Abbey and the Village, Author: Bertrand Ménard
Title: Estranherismo, Author: Zack Magiezi

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