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Title: Simply Seder: A Passover Haggadah for Your Family, Author: Dena Neusner
Title: Family Haggadah: A Seder for All Generations, Author: Elie M. Gindi
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Title: Frogs in the Bed: My Passover Seder Activity Book, Author: Ann D. Koffsky
Title: Welcome to the Seder: A Passover Haggadah for Everyone, Author: Kerry Olitzky
Title: The Family (and Frog!) Haggadah, Author: Karen and Isaacs Rostoker-Gruber
Title: Practice Drill and Review for Reading Hebrew, Author: Lillian W. Adler
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Title: The Holocaust: The World and the Jews, 1933-1945 / Edition 1, Author: Seymour Rossel
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Title: The Gateways Haggadah: A Seder for the Whole Family, Author: Rebecca Redner
Title: Light, Author: Jane Breskin Zalben
Title: This is the Challah, Author: Sue Hepker
Title: Kayla and Kugel's Almost Perfect Passover, Author: Ann D. Koffsky
Title: Sayings of the Fathers / Edition 1, Author: Joseph H. Hertz
Title: Kosher Crosswords, Author: Yoni Glatt
Title: Kayla and Kugel, Author: Ann D. Koffsky
Title: Avi the Ambulance Goes to School, Author: Claudia Carlson
Title: Avi the Ambulance and the Snowy Day, Author: Claudia Carlson
Title: Hebrew Reading Refresher (Back-to-School Series), Author: Roberta Osser Baum
Title: The Natural and the Supernatural Jew: An Historical and Theological Introduction, Author: Arthur Allen Cohen
Title: My People (Abba Eban's History of the Jews), Author: Miriam P. Kurinsky
Title: Look at Me: I Can Do a Mitzvah, Author: Freddie Levin

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