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Title: My Life with God: A Pediatric Surgeon's Supernatural Journey While Healing Sick Children, Author: John Gerard Gallucci MD
Title: The Flowers That Grew from Me, Author: Taia Nikol Bush
Title: David and Michelangelo: Heart and Stone, Author: Dr. Stephen Harrison
Title: The Sensational Leader: A Story of Growth: Providing a Simple Path to Becoming a Leader Worth Following, Author: Duane Cummings
Title: The Loudest Quiet Girl: Messages of Hope in a Dark World: The Short Full Life and Inspirational Writings of Erin Kate Rodriques (Color Edition), Author: Kathy Rodriques
Title: Maybe Autism Is My Superpower, Author: Ben Blanchet
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Title: You'Re My Favorite Everything, Author: J. J. Allen
Title: Gospel Shaped Emotions: Learning to Lay Our Emotions Down at the Cross of Jesus, Author: Kevin Wilson
Title: Beauty Is My Birthmark, Author: Diana Mendoza
Title: The Bible's Black History, Author: Elder Leroy Baker
Title: The Pie Letters: Thoughts and Reflections on Pie and Life, Author: Coletta Kewitt
Title: Little Autumn Rose: A Day in the Secret Forest, Author: Marcy Saladino Cox
Title: A Snow Day with Summer, Author: Margaret M. Eberl
Title: Gunky's Adventures: In the Land of Must Believe, Author: Jim Reuther
Title: Beautifully Blessed: Cancer Never Had a Chance!, Author: Tanasia Tiarra D.
Title: Outlier, Author: Kay Sellers
Title: The Day the Angels Came to Dunning: Where Heaven and Earth Meet Through a Tear in Time, Author: Robert L. Ivey
Title: Reclaiming My Strength, Author: Cheyenne Martin
Title: Chronicles of the Heart, Author: Eileen M. Hughes
Title: Minimalist Me, Author: Erika Lugo

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